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9 Answers For Muslim-Hating “Christians”

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Brace yourself in advance folks, as I'm about to go into full-on rant mode here, and it WILL get ugly, with trigger potential.

Every day I putter around the net, reading everything I can find about subjects that interest me. Last week in my random browsing I came across this cartoon.

Go read that first. It's necessary to understand the context of what I have to say.

Now I really don't have any issues with that cartoon beyond finding it well-meaning, if a bit disingenuous at times. The cartoon's author has a few good points to make, if getting a little heavy-handed once or twice. And I fully expected to find a dueling bastion of “Praise Allah!/Fuck Allah!” in the comments. ANY time Islam becomes the centrepiece (FUCK you spellcheck, I'm Canadian, it's re not er you bastard!) of a conversation on the web, the one-note idiots come out in full force.

So I wasn't in the least inclined to care about the back and forth of one-dimensional bs flying about in the comments, as I thought that the cartoon, in spite of it's flaws, acheived the sentiment it was aiming for with a friendly warmth that's all too rare these days.

It was when I reached an out-of-place very long comment amongst the short back-and-forth that I felt compelled to add my voice to the discussion.

The comment in question was left by a guy identified by Disquss as “Don”, a self-proclaimed “Nasty Bastard” according to his Disquss profile. The man has Tea Party written all over his comment. Again, I'll let you click the clicky and read his crap for yourself.

Throughout his whole rambling comment he attempts to come across as a rational voice shining a light of truth onto Islam, while subtly underlying it with the suggestion that Catholocism/Christianity is better or more right yadda yadda.

Let me preface the next part of this blog by pointing out that, as my written history has shown, I do not directly believe Islam or Christianity themselves as ideologies are inherently good or evil. I believe from reading the “Holy Books” of both that both espouse some very good messages, but also condone some very repugnant and deplorable things. I have several friends who belong to either faith, and those are of the camp of Muslims and Christians who live by the good messages of their faith while believing that the harmful messages are not valid or meaningful in today's world. I believe that there are also people on the flipside of that coin who intentionally twist and distort these books, who choose to live by the bad ideals in them, who are deplorable people NOT because of their choice of faith but because of how they so choose to employ it to cause others harm.

Keep this in mind as I use this moron's own words to paraphrase and dissect his vile and very targetted bigotry by turning it around on him.

And so my reply to this idiot, point by point.


Christianity is every bit as bad as Islam dear, it just hides it better behind a thin veil of respectability. So let's tackle YOUR bigoted assumptions shall we?

1) A woman enters a convent/nunnery of her own free will, a Muslim woman does not. At any time if the woman chooses she may leave the convent/order without penalty.

– Not true. A good majority of nuns were guilted or forced into the life by family members slut-shaming them, mostly over imagined promiscuity. Many who find the courage to leave convents do so in spite of intense psychological abuse, bullying, and being told they are damning themselves to hell, and a horrifying percentage of those who left were physically abused by older nuns. Willing nuns are highly outnumbered by the unwilling pressured into it, and abuse of all kinds is rampant.

2) Most Western women who choose to live at home and rear children are looked down upon and ridiculed by sneering left wing liberals who look at motherhood as an offensive form of enslavement.

– Common conservative bullshit. Liberals do not condemn stay-at-home moms. That's a statistic conservatives pulled out of their ass to vilify the competition. The only time a stay-at-home mom is chastised is when she does so because of religious pressure or she herself spreads the idea that it's the only acceptable role for a woman. I myself would happily be a stay-at-home mom were I fertile, but by my own choice, not because of religious dogma or spousal pressure, and nor would I demand all women choose likewise.

3) This link is to a typical Muslim student…listen to her as she speaks in admiration of Adolf Hitler….this is the sort of Muslim student that is most unwelcome, on campus or in North America.

– And THIS link provides a video of a Christian man spouting blatant and long disproven lies about homosexuality to sway a school-board AGAINST implementing a comprehensive anti-bullying program that would include homophobia education. Note all the old standbys like incest, pedophilia and disease being brought up just to add to the fire he's lighting in a crowded theatre.

4) Western children devout themselves to a particular subject or discipline for the betterment of medicine, technology, science, engineering and many other subjects. While it benefits the child, that devotion benefits Mankind and advances the human race.

– Timothy McVeigh. The Columbine 2. Ted Bundy. GOProud. Peter LaBarbera. Very often in Western society devoting oneself so young to a singular topic leads not to society's betterment, but to it's detriment. This is often fueled by extremist Christianity. It isn't Muslims murdering abortion doctors, blowing up clinics, driving teenagers to suicide or rigging elections through blatant lies and fearmongering in the USA. It's single-minded Christian extremists who devoted themselves to a particular subject.

5) There is no comparison to be made between defense of family and home and the hobbies of Muslim terrorists who dabble in all forms of terrorism and suicide bombing.

There is EVERY comparison to be made, since many of those fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are fighting for exactly that; Defending their homes and families from invaders. And US soldiers have been caught raping and killing indigenous people for no justifiable reason. What you define as an American as to what is defending yourself and what construes terrorism? Reverse roles and it's the same to them. YOUR soldiers are THEIR terrorists, and the USA started this LONG before 9/11. There are indeed some horrible Muslim extremists, but most of the people over there just want the outsiders to leave THEIR homes and stop killing THEIR families.

6) Its Muslims and Islam that puts themselves on trial. When was the last time you heard a Muslim admit to murder without dragging Islam into it claiming he was directed to kill by Muhammad and the Koran. As for Jews, there are Israeli prisons filled with Zionist criminals….this is a fact.

– And how many times has the murder of an abortion doctor, a gay man, or a transsexual woman been justified with “I was doing God's work, it was my Christian duty to kill them because God says they are evil”? Have an answer for that one wiseass? As for your Jew argument, any Zionist prisoners in Israel are imprisoned not for their beliefs but for their criminal acts. And how many news reports in the last few years have there been about the Israelis breaking ceasefires in Gaza killing innocent people? Google the one about one of the recent group murders that included a PREGNANT PALESTINIAN WOMAN by a group believed to be rogue Hamas agents? Any argument you can make trying to vilify Islam alone while ignoring the blatant crimes of other faiths, I can destroy in seconds with proven fact. The truth is NOT on your side here.

7) The majority of this can be answered by reading my answer to # 4, but further to that: if sharia law is the proposed solution it is ignored as with sharia law the solution is much much worse than the problem….any solution that recommends stoning of women and advocates a father hacking away at his daughters vagina to satisfy some depraved sense of religious propriety is no solution at all.

– Do I really need to break out Bible Quotes here to point out your utter hypocrisy with this one? I can if you push the point. The Bible condones women as property. Rape victims must marry their rapists or be stoned to death. Men trade their teenage daughters for land. Children are stoned to death if they ever rebel in even the slightest. Moses was ordered by god to burn entire cities to the ground, murder all men, children and livestock, but keep any fertile women to be forced into marriage and raped in order to keep the numbers in his group high for when they reached the promised land so they would have enough men to overpower the Palestines when stealing the non-believer's land under God's orders. For fuck's sake man! The Bible commands you be put to death if you eat shrimp or wear a polyester/cotton mix shirt! The point the cartoonist is trying, if poorly, to make, is that, like the Bible, the Quran DOES contain some positive messages that can be helpful solutions in real everyday life, but just like the Quran, the good in the Bible can be easily overwhelmed by all the outright evil it endorses. It is NOT the religion itself that causes the problems, it's what each individual person chooses to take from it, good or bad.

8) Simply look at the world around you….Muslims have engaged in some of the most outrageous and murderous behavior and then when held to account for this behavior and these crimes they point to Islam and fall back on the demented psychopathic ravings and edicts of Muhammad to legitimize and excuse the same crimes and behavior.

– The Crusades. The Benediction. The Spanish Inquisition. The Dark Ages. Pedophile Priests. Throughout history there are FAR more documented cases of atrocities condoned and spearheaded by church doctrine than by Islam, for which the church always falls back on the demented psychopathic ravings and edicts of God Jehovah the Father to legitimize and excuse the same crimes and behavior. Not fun when your own hate can be so easily turned around on you by the truth is it?

9) For this answer simply read my previous answers to the 8 questions. The Koran is neither holy nor a solution. The Koran is the blueprint for the enslavement of the human race and the reversing of every possible advancement of the same. The Koran is a mandate for violence, death, terrorism and brutality and has no place in the 21st century. It belongs in a museum where we can marvel at the writings of madmen and mass murderers.

– And as the Quran and the old Testament are in fact the EXACT same book with only minimal locational differences, you're describing Catholicism/Christianity in the exact same breath. The Bible too is neither Holy nor a solution, but a book full of blueprints for a horrible, violent repressed society where white men rule and women and “lesser races” are all property existing only to serve white men. To paraphrase, once again, your own words, The BIBLE is the blueprint for the enslavement of the human race and the reversing of every possible advancement of the same. The BIBLE is a mandate for violence, death, terrorism and brutality and has no place in the 21st century. It belongs in a museum where we can marvel at the writings of madmen and mass murderers.

So for every bigoted, hateful answer you gave, I have used truth and fact to bring you back to the really REAL world where it's so easy to look at the people on the other side of the world who do exactly as we do, some good folks, some bad folks, and some true nutjobs, and chastise them for the exact same values because their exact same values come from a different book. The ONLY difference between Muslims and Christians is that most Christians are better at compartmentalizing the evils they believe in to protect their conscience.

To paraphrase your own words one last time.

Christianity is a political ideology that can not suffer the light of day nor truth itself…..when exposed to reality, Christianity crumbles and reveals itself for what it is……the murderous rhetoric of misogynist madmen for the ears of easily manipulated fools who happily accept easy fear over educating themselves.


Everyone of course has the right to say whatever ridiculous drivel they want to, even if stupidly attacking an opposing ideology through complete hypocrisy. Fortunately, there will always be someone with a far better grasp of the facts to stand up and dissect said drivel. In this case it was me. I and others like me will ALWAYS stand up to ignorant pseudo-intellectual bullies like this and shine the REAL light of Truth right in their lying weaselly faces.

Apologies to my Christian friends for using the negatives in the Bible without focusing much on it's positives in my rebuttal of this asswipe, but as the rebuttal needed to be context specific, and as my Christian friends generally openly accept and admit there IS in fact some really ugly stuff in there, I'm sure you'll forgive me this once.

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