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Arizona’s Prop 203 Down by Just 2,400 Votes

In what is now a week-long count of provisional and absentee ballots for Arizona’s Prop 203, which would bring medical marijuana to the state, the latest tally shows the tightest margin yet.

Tuesday, Nov. 9, 6:01pm EST
Yes: 49.92% || 790,096
No: 50.08% || 792,472

It’s crazy close – Prop 203 is losing by just 2,376 votes. The margin was as much as 3,800 votes early this morning, and 6,500 votes over the weekend. Medical marijuana is closing the gap, but as the Phoenix New Times notes, it’s been consistently down.

The failure to widen the lead of the opponents is good news for 203 supporters. If you want to stay optimistic that 203 will pass, no one could blame you.

Of course, it’s a fact that the “yes” votes haven’t been ahead since the counting began last Tuesday night.

But tens of thousands of votes remain uncounted, including nearly 10,000 from Pima and Coconino counties, where the measure passed handily. About 90,000 early ballots and provisional ballots are left uncounted as of Monday evening in Maricopa County, officials say.

There are still tens of thousands of votes to be counted by Friday, when official results have to be certified. Until then, cross your fingers enough votes turn up for Prop 203 – and never think your vote doesn’t matter.

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Michael Whitney

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