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George W. Bush: There’s No Way to Know If My Presidency Was a Success Until I’m Dead

The Decider, playing the oh-so-popular-among-Bush-apologists “history will be the judge” card with Matt Lauer.

I hope I’m judged a success, but I’m going to be dead, Matt, when they finally figure it out.

Since Poppy Bush is in his 80s and showing no signs of slowing down, and Barb isn’t too far off, the Decider could be around until the 2040s. So even though we’re supposed to wait, let’s give it a shot now, shall we?

His record includes: two failed, unfunded wars (including one totally unnecessary one), worst job record of any post-war president, the only two-term president to preside over declining median income, an increase of poverty and the uninsured, turning a record budget surplus into a record deficit, the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, the worst domestic attack in US history, the failure to address global warming or our dependence on oil, presiding over the largest gap between rich and poor since the ’20s, breaking the law and besmirching America’s reputation by torturing prisoners, and playing guitar while a US city drowned.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say he won’t be judged a success.

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