Election Update: Seven House Seats, One Governor, Senate Seat Yet to Be Decided

A quick rundown of November 2 races that still have no declared winner:


Late Yesterday, Republican Tom Foley conceded the Connecticut Governor’s race to Democrat Dan Malloy. That means the only governor’s race yet to be determined is in Minnesota. Despite the fact that Democrat Mark Dayton currently has a lead of around 8,750 votes, Republican Tom Emmer plans on seeking a recount.

House of Representatives

In the House, two races were also finally decided yesterday. The AP called WA-02 for incumbent Democrat Rick Larsen. In VA-11 Republican Keith Fimian has conceded the election to incumbent Democrat Gerry Connelly, who has a lead of just under a 1,000 votes.

There are currently seven races were the winner has yet to be determined:

  • CA-02 – GOP challenger Andy Vidak currently has only a 145-vote lead over Democrat Jim Costa but with many early votes still left to be counted.
  • CA-11 – Incumbent Democrat Jerry McNerney currently holds a 628-vote lead over Republican David Harmer.
  • IL-08 – Incumbent Dem Melissa Bean is currently trailing Republican Joe Walsh by 350 votes, but there are still outstanding absentee ballots to be counted, as well as provisional ballots.
  • KY-06 – Incumbent Democrat Ben Chandler holds a 649-vote lead in the Secretary of State’s official total but GOP challenger Andy Barr has asked for a re-canvassing.
  • NY-01 – The re-canvassing found that Rep. Tim Bishop (D) was trailing Randy Altschuler (R) by 383 votes. There are still thousands of ballots to be counted and a long recount is very likely.
  • NY-25 – Republican Ann Marie Buerkle has a 684-vote lead over sitting Rep. Dan Maffei (D), but it is possible the district might be heading toward a long hand recount.
  • TX-27 – Democratic incumbent Solomon Ortiz trails GOP Blake Farenthold by 792 votes. Ortiz has requested a manual recount.


In the Senate, the only outstanding race is in Alaska, where it looks like write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski could beat Republican Joe Miller. State officials have not even started counting the write-in ballots, and, given the difficulty of that task, we probably will not know who the winner is for a very long time.

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