Hey Blenders!

Queer and Queerer Podcast

I wanted to take a moment for some shameless self-promotion, but my hope is that this is a resource that many of you will find valuable.

About a year ago, Peterson Toscano moved to Central Pennsylvania (where I live) because his partner is a professor at a local university. In a short time, Peterson went from being someone I follow on Twitter to a very close and insightful friend. Many of you might already be familiar with him from his plays , his posts here at the Blend, and his YouTube videos about his experiences in ex-gay therapy.

Well, every time Peterson and I would hang out, we would have these very insightful conversations about religion, the LGBT movement, and work we both do in advocacy and education. Peterson is 20 years my senior and has had a very different life experience, thus we find we always have much to learn from each other. So one day, along about last April, I said, “We should really be recording these conversations; I think people would find them interesting.”

And the Queer and Queerer Podcast was born. Every week we produce a half hour episode that's really just a conversation about pertinent issues, often including various guests (even if some of them are other voices living in Peterson's head). We've discussed issues like body image, the ex-gay movement, atheism, kinks & fetishes, and bullying at length, infusing serious topics with some humor and candor that we hope makes it a very approachable listening experience.

Peterson particularly wanted me to promote this week's episode. I conducted two interviews at the Soulforce symposium on Saturday in Philadelphia. The first is with Dr. Jallen Rix, an ex-gay survivor who is now a sexologist. The second is with Professor Christine Robinson, whose research demonstrates that the actions of the ex-gay movement constitute four of the UN's five definitions of genocide. The juxtaposition of the two mirrors the importance of living our lives positively while continuing to identify and respond to negative forces.

Our biggest hope is that our conversations on the podcast foster discussion among our listeners. Folks can comment directly on the posts or on our Queer and Queerer Facebook page, and we hope that you do.

So please take a half hour to listen to this week's Queer and Queerer. If you like it, you can subscribe on iTunes and listen to any of our back episodes. We certainly enjoy producing this content, so we hope that it's a valuable and enjoyable listening experience for as many listeners as possible!