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Campaign ‘12 – Three Basic Principles For The Road Ahead

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As I announced last week, I’m (not really) running for president. But I will be putting together a mock campaign in an effort to develop a working platform and a strategy for challenging the status quo in 2012.

Here are three basic principles that will be the genesis for the platform. They are intended to reflect the core concerns of progressivism that might also have a broader appeal. They are not comprehensive legislation or policy proposals, which are more likely to divide and cause argument. That will come later. I have, however, included a couple of specific proposals just to get the juices flowing.

1) We are for systemic change of the process of government: The assumption here is that our government is broken, and that simply electing new people and throwing them into the same old system will accomplish nothing. Reducing corporate control in Washington and in elections is first and foremost.

Specific proposal – Work To Overturn Citizens United

2) We are for preserving the natural environment, promoting sustainable living, and developing a post-petroleum energy system that is not a ticking time bomb. (I need some help on the phrasing on this one – but the idea is that we must get off oil dependence and onto something sane. This will require legislative work and educating the public.)

Specific Proposal – End the wars in the Middle East, and transfer all that money into developing a high-speed rail system that will ultimately replace the Interstates.

3) We are for the preservation of the middle class. OK, I realize that every presidential candidate says this – but this campaign will mean it – and we won’t be afraid to use language that reflects the notion of class warfare (in a metaphorical sense, of course.) Once double digit unemployment drags out for another year or two, there will be plenty of people ready to take on the wealthy plutocrats.

Specific Proposal – This one is going to sound strange, but I think we have to take the legs out of the corporate plutocracy through local, consumer-based action. I’m not sure there is any legislative action, at this point, that can change our economic structure. If there  is, please let me know.

Admittedly,this is rough and needs some work, but it’s a start. I do believe that those three basic concepts – systemic change of government process, developing a post-petroleum sustainable culture, and preserving the middle class – are where we should begin.

What do you think?

(Note: I changed the title after posting this diary. Further reflection convinced me that it’s too soon to talk about uniting different factions. We need to establish the core of what we believe first.)

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Jim Moss

Jim Moss