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“Lithium” think how far, how high the price can fly! Once upon a time, any shares of lithium dip into the funds inevitably stir object. Today, the CIMIC (002,162, the closing price 12.18 yuan) also joined the Army. January 8, the company announced that the technology park to be a joint venture with long new company, to jointly promote the lithium industry.

        According to the disclosure, CIMIC and long-park technology on January 7 signed a “strategic cooperation letter of intent” and is scheduled for 3 months after the signing of letter of intent, no later than April 30 to complete the signing of cooperation agreement. The two sides established a joint venture which includes the name of the new company, tentatively CIMIC Lithium Technology Co., Ltd. Long Park. Second, investment scale and the specific figures in the preparations for the completion of negotiations, the new company CIMIC investment no less than 51%; joint venture company to operate in the range of high-performance lithium-iron batteries and system application development.

        Statistics show that long-Technology Park was established in 1997, specializes in lithium battery cathode material, high-capacity lithium battery modules and system research and development, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech enterprises, with cobalt, nickel, nickel cobalt, lithium iron, etc. lithium battery cathode material in the manufacture of a number of technology patents, and its end products mainly include storage of lithium batteries, lithium batteries for electric vehicles and so on.

        “Daily News” reporter also noted that technology had a long garden park established in 2008 long energy technology companies, to put a new generation of green energy materials – lithium iron oxide cathode materials research and development and production. Data show large lithium-iron battery has a 7 features, including better than lead-acid system’s high weight energy density, high current discharge capacity, cycle characteristics of quality and safety characteristics. Currently, its product range of applications including automotive starting batteries, golf cart and forklift batteries, hybrid vehicles and electric vehicle batteries, seven major areas.

        In fact, the CIMIC this well prepared to enter the lithium batteries. Back in May 2010, the company announced, and Yifeng County in Jiangxi Province to develop lithium-containing clay mineral resources signed the “investment letter of intent,” a foot in the metals. And the letter of intent consists of three parts: the clay mining, sorting; lithium and other metals refining and processing; the comprehensive utilization of mineral tailings. On the one hand, Jiangxi is the hometown of ceramics, porcelain clay in the mine itself lithium. On the other hand, Yichun city government is also committed to creating the “Asian lithium are.”

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