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Food Sunday: Canine Cuisine

My 13-year old pit/dobie mix Dexter has decided his human-grade dry food sucks. He’s also gotten finicky about which expensive canned foods he’ll eat. For a while he loved Brauts’nTots and St. Patrick’s Feast flavors, along with Cowboy Cookout and the always popular Senior Medley, all of which are human grade. The logic of human grade is that if in case of earthquake, we could share.

It’s not that he has no appetitite. Pizza, chicken, spaghetti, carrots, rice — real human food is what he demands. So I’m starting to cook for him. Doubtful it will improve/curtail his flatulence. There is some seriously lethal dog butt gas. Sometimes with musical accompaniment.

I’m starting with family-sized packages of boneless skinless chicken breasts from a big box store which I’ll boil up and add to rice and cooked carrots. I am hoping I can charm the local butchers into scrap meats as well.

Obviously no turkey or onions. And garlic can be dicey for dogs too until properly processed, which is beyond my home cooking skills.

Do any of you have good pooch food recipes?

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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