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The Election

1. Turnout. It was an off-year election in which the party in power almost always loses seats. In addition, our base turnout was depressed because Obama is not fighting back and standing for anything–as well as party leadership. The right has their own TV station, spewing lies and propaganda 24 hours a day. They also own the radio waves. That said, we did better than in Clinton’s first off-year–we kept the Senate. It’s depressing right now to watch the gloating and the so-called “liberal media” legitimizing right-wing nuts like Palin, O’Donnell, Beck, and the sickening tea baggers.

2. What’s required: Keep pressuring Obama to stand and fight. If he doesn’t, he’s a one-termer. We need our own echo chamber, an uphill battle (they have all the money). One thing to pin our hopes on: republican hubris–remember Terry Schivo?  There’s already evidence of their arrogance and stupidity. They cannot help themselves. Keep fighting.

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