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Big Brother in Billy Penn’s Land

Get Over It” Ed Rendell’s Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security monitored the twitter activity of law-abiding citizens.

Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR) monitored the activities of the Berks Peace Community, a group of Quaker-affiliated senior citizens, who routinely meet on the Penn State Bridge in Reading to protest America’s “war habit.”

“We placed our best Twitter researcher on the task,” wrote Perelman.

Perhaps Mr. Ed feels that Obama should rendition the aging Quaker terrorists to a black site where they can be waterboarded until the confess to being the masterminds of 9/11.

Rendell’s Mossad-connected buddies at ITRR have also been monitoring not just Pennsylvania groups

but also a veritable who’s who of left and liberal groups, including, the Ruckus Society, Immokalee Workers, the new SDS, Jobs with Justice, the Brandywine Peace Community, ANSWER, PETA, Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty, MOVE, The Yes Men, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, Climate Ground Zero, the Rainforest Action Network, pro-Palestinian Groups, Puerto Rican nationalists, prisoners’ rights organizations, citizen conservation groups, and immigration activists opposing Arizona’s crazy attempts to criminalize all non-citizens.

Law-abiding groups exercising their First Amendment freedom of speech had their movements and communications monitored by Rendell’s contract firm which distributed its reports throughout the country.

For almost a year, ITTR provided bi-weekly intelligence briefings to Pennsylvania Homeland Security which focused in equal part on “jihadist” communications and trainings throughout the world, and also social justice organizing and protests across the country.

Pennsylvania Homeland Security, in turn, distributed this information to 800 federal, local and state law enforcement agencies…

It is noteworthy that the bogeymen in the reports  are  labeled as communists terrorists anarchists.

anarchists are everywhere, and even the most peaceful protest may turn violent.

What is the effect on local law enforcement from this plethora of “anarchist” warnings? It intended and net result is a chilling effect on the freedom of speech and the right of the people  to peaceably assemble, privileges granted to the public in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, signed in the Philadelphia, the early capital of Rendell’s Pennsylvania.

As the senatorial candidate in the neighboring state of Delaware admitted to be willing to turn her Jewish neighbors over to the Nazis,

Izzard asked O’Donnell whether or not she would lie to Nazis who showed up at her door during WWII and demanded to know if she were hiding any Jewish people in her house. O’Donnell refused to even entertain the notion of concealing the truth from Nazis in that scenario because “you never have to practice deception.”

Ed Rendell appears also bent on having law-abiding citizens harrassed by law enforcement authorities because they dare exercise their freedom of speech and their right to peaceably assemble.

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