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Arizona Prop 203 Gaining as More Votes Are Counted

Cross your fingers: things aren’t looking too bad for Arizona’s medical marijuana ballot initiative. Initially down by more than 7,000 votes on Election Night, Prop 203 is now down by less than 4,500 votes as hundreds of thousands of ballots are counted.

The race for Arizona’s controversial Proposition 203 has gotten even tighter.

Nearly 50,000 provisional and left over early ballots were counted Thursday, according to Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell. […]

Purcell said there are approximately 179,000 more early ballots and 55,000 provisional ballots that must still be counted.

The deficit on Thursday evening was initially cut to 3,000 votes, but the divide widened in counting on Friday. Counties have until November 12 to certify a final result, so we’re in for more days of ballot counting for medical marijuana in Arizona.

Important info for Arizona voters: if you tried to vote on Tuesday at your correct polling place but did not have proper ID, you must go to your county election office by this coming Tuesday to have your vote counted. MPP explains:

At a time when every vote truly matters, we need your help. There are some people in the state who cast “conditional provisional” ballots on Tuesday. This means that they intended to vote in-person on Tuesday, but did not have proper identification on them. They were told that they could fill-in a ballot, but in order for it to be counted, they would need to return to their county elections office with proper ID by the close of business on Tuesday, November 9.

If you attempted to vote on Tuesday but did not have proper identification, please go to your county elections office to complete the process and have your ballot counted. This is truly a situation where every vote counts. If you fail to have your ballot counted, you may contribute to a very narrow defeat for the initiative.

Find your county election office here – pass this on to any Arizona voter you think might have had this issue on Tuesday.

More on this from David Borden at

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