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Why Obama Must Be Primaried

When Obama had big majorities in his favor, and a 70% approval rating with the public, he refused to embrace the Left — the people who made all that possible.

In fact, he showed quick contempt for the Left. The first thing he did was dismantle Howard Dean’s greatly effective DNC organization, and then he made a point of stocking up his policy team, and Cabinet with status-quo Neocons, WallStreeters, and Corporatists — all direct advocates of all the failed 2001-2007 policies that the public had just rebelled against.

What became clear was that Obama had no actual purpose to his presidency. He stood for nothing and fought for nothing. One by one good ideas that actually had significant popular support within the Congress (at that time) were quietly shot down (and hard) behind-the-scenes by Obama and Rahm Emanuel — before they could be voted on.

  • . Re-importation of cheaper generic drugs
  • . Lowering the age of Medicare to 55.
  • . The Public Option
  • . Loosening regulations for States to experiment with Single-Payer

Obama did not want progressive policies. He sought only, and got only the status-quo, FATCAT, establishment answers.

The Democrats were then left to campaign on a decidely weak, uninspriring, counterproductive “Health” bill that provided no FDR narrative, or “Great Society” narrative, along with Bank Bailouts, and a stay-the-course Foreign Occupation Policy — all pointing our Country towards bankruptcy. How could a smart man ever think this would be a winning formula?

Meanwhile the Bush-Cheney Foreign Policy continues on unabated, and with no new narrative to the insane tactics of Endless Foreign Occupations, Bombs, War, Taxper Funded Corruption, permanent Detention and Torture without due process, and Trillions of dollars wasted away overseas while our own Country rots away within.

So what does Obama want to do now?

Move to the right and follow their agenda even further. Then he wonders why his base isn’t happy. Obama just is not as smart as everyone thought he was. This is a dumb politican, capable of only blindly following the marching orders of the Corporate Establishment (even when he had the 50+ votes to bring meaningful change).

Obama likes to drop his g’s (“fightin”, “workin”, etc.) when speaking on the campaign trail, and speak hip talk for the common folks. But he has no true concern for them. He has no true passion. He has no true core as a person. There is no loyalty, or burning desire to any clear policy objectives.

He is an empty suit, and it has become so obvious now to all — that unlike Bill Clinton, he won’t ever call the Republican’s bluff on anything (Bill Clinton refused to sign the Gingrich budget, and let them Shutdown the government until they caved). But Obama won’t ever fight for people. He will barter away Social Security. He will extend the Tax Cuts for the rich. He will keep wasting Trillions of dollars Overseas. He has no new direction, or narrative to offer. Worse then that he will never even see his own Presidency as a loser, because he was never married to any such progressive agenda in the first place.

Somebody (Howard Dean, Russ Feingold) needs to really Primary this guy hard. Obama is going to destroy the Democratic Brand, and the Party will never recover.

We need to put pressure on Howard Dean to get into the ring, and change up the public debate. There needs to be a recognition that Obama is a sinking ship, and even if he were to survive 2012 — it would be far better now to invest in a Dean or Feingold Presidency, and try and create a groundswell to make the Democratic Party finally stand for something.

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