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Pop-Up Punditry (Now With Butthurtiness)

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Over at the awkwardly named Mediaite, Pop-Up Video purveyor Colby Hall (who is the Jay Rosen of media analysis for people who find Marmaduke too abstruse) heard in the lamestream media about how ex-President Barack Obama is going to spend the country’s last 20 billion dollars and whatever change is in the ashtray on a road trip to some Muslimy sounding country and Colby found this to be of some interest. So Mediaite Managing Editor Colby sicced his crack team of investigative media checkers to track down the provenance of  this story so that he could write a four-part series about how the right wing puke-funnel works by takes a bullshit anonymous quote off of the always true internet, then Drudge hypes it, special needs  bloggers uncritically repeat it,  supposedly serious new organizations broadcast it, allowing god-smacked baby harvesting politicians to repeat it unchallenged once and voilà!, as Cokie Robert’s would say: it’s “out there”.

Yes this is what Colby Hall is doing.

No. Not really. I’m just fucking with you.

That above stuff would take work and connecting the dots and shit like that and then, at the end of the day, what do you have? Bo-ring. So here’s Colby kind of passively pooh-poohing the story so he can post a video of Robert Gibbs responding to some Fox douchebag about the trip because, you know, “fireworks”!

Bonus points to Fox’s house liberal Juan Williams for pointing out that Obama looks like he woke up on Nov 3rd, saw the election results, and yelled “road trip” (for this completely spontaneous trip) because he needs to skedaddle out of town before the Republican repo men show up.

Not so fireworky, but just as stupid.

(Update) Apparently traffic is so light over at Mediaite that a simple link from anonymous me brings out the butthurt in Colby Hall. This is both sad and hilarious, but mostly hilarious.

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