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Out-of-State Money

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Yesterday in my home state of Iowa, three Supreme Court judges were removed from the court after losing their retention votes statewide. It wasn’t particularly close.

Supreme Court Justice – David L. Baker
Yes 45.8%
No 54.2%

Supreme Court Justice – Michael J. Streit
Yes 45.56%
No 54.44%

Supreme Court Justice – Marsha Ternus
Yes 44.96%
No 55.04%

This was a result of about three-quarter of a million bucks being dumped into Iowa by the National Organization for Marriage, the American Family Association and the Family Research Council.

The sort of thing that could be pulled off only in a strong Republican year, during a mid-term election. But they did it.

You may not know that the original district court Judge who first issued the ruling finding same-sex marriage a protected right, Robert Hanson was also up for retention. How did he do?

District Court 5C Judge – Robert B. Hanson
Yes 78973 66.34%
No 40071 33.66%

That’s Polk County, the largest county in the State containing Des Moines and with a sizable gay and lesbian community.

So where did retention do particularly badly?

As noted by a commenter in this post yesterday northwest Iowa sends Steve King and his drool cup and straight jacket to Washington every two years right?

Sup Crt Judge Ternus
Yes 14.92%
No 85.08%

Sup Crt Judge Baker
Yes 15.42%
No 84.58%

Sup Crt Judge Streit
Yes 15.29%
No 84.71%

Says a lot about the role of knowing gays or lesbians as people…or maybe just knowing things in general.

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