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Teabagger Fail: Tea Party GOPers Sucked at the Ballot Box Tuesday Night

Wow. It didn’t even take twenty-four hours for the DC Republicans’ knives to find Teabagger Republicans’ backs.

Check out The Daily Caller, whose proprietor Tucker Carlson is a longtime establishment GOP figure:

But on Tuesday night, both [Nevada Senate candidate Sharron] Angle and [Delaware Senate candidate Christine] O’Donnell lost their races and, as of press time, [Alaska Senate candidate Joe] Miller was trailing write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski in his election. A central argument made during the campaign about both Angle and O’Donnell was that they were considerably less electable in a general election than their primary opponents…

…So it’s hard not to think that had the Tea Party Express not helped Angle and O’Donnell, the GOP would’ve come closer to that majority.

Ouch! And honestly, the Caller was being relatively gentle. Here’s the CBS News take, via Time’s Mark Halperin, describing how Katie Couric tonight described the Tea Party wing’s effect on the races:

.. Couric looks at Palin and Tea Party score following the election. So far, 31 Palin-endorsed candidates have won House seats, while 16 lost their congressional bids. Six Palin-endorsed candidates won Senate races while four lost. Tea Partiers won 36 House races, lost 76. The conservative movement also won three Senate seats and lost three Senate races.

That’s right, gang: Sarah Palin, she who dragged down the McCain ticket, was a better electoral draw than the teabaggers. Tea Party candidates lost twice as many races as they won.  . . .

Why the rush among the DC Republican set to puncture the myth of the invincible Tea Party — a myth they helped create? Probably because the teabaggers in general, and Michele Bachmann in particular, are getting a wee bit big for their britches as far as the the establishment GOP’s powerbrokers are concerned:

Speculation has quickly turned into action for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) Wednesday, who announced her intent to run for a leadership position as the GOP Conference Chair, the party’s fourth in command.

Big Government had earlier reported that Bachmann was planning to take advantage of the power vacuum created by Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), who earlier stepped down as Conference Chair, leaving an opening at the current 3rd most powerful spot, which is set to be downgraded after a GOP member is named Speaker of the House.

The response of Bachmann’s fellow Republicans was swift in coming. Politico reported that Jason Chaffetz [R-Utah] has suddenly dropped his own bid for that spot and threw his support behind his main rival, Texas’ Jeb Hensarling, after Hensarling got the official anointment from Eric Cantor. English translation: Shaddup and siddown, Shelly!

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