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Rachel Maddow Reminds Ed Rendell Who Colin Powell Is

There are probably worse ideas for White House Chief of Staff, but I gagged on my homemade soup when outgoing Pennsylvania Governor Fast Eddie Rendell suggested that Barack Obama choose Colin Powell as his Chief of Staff. Perhaps you’d like to put your even worse suggestions — Silvio Berlusconi? Harold Ford Jr? Lloyd Blankfein? Steve Rattner? — in the comments.

Rachel made quick work of Rendell’s idea, reminding him of Powell’s blotted copybook, and how that incident rather uniquely disqualifies Powell from the one job where you don’t want someone who got taken in by the Washington politicized-intelligence community.

Rachel characterized Powell:

The man most famous in his last iteration in government for getting rolled by the ways of Washington.

Replied Rendell:

But Rachel, there are no perfect choices.

Thank goodness Rendell doesn’t expect to get asked by the White House for his recommendation about what the President should say tomorrow at 1pm; this is a singularly bad idea.

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Teddy Partridge