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An Awfully Painful Way to Convince the President Our Economy Is Not Moving

Remember when Robert Gibbs justified his attack on the professional left by suggesting that they didn’t understand–but the rest of the country did–that Obama had gotten our economy moving again? Remember Recovery Summer, Obama’s effort to convince Americans that the economy had turned around? Well, we’ve already seen that voters don’t take their understanding of our economic state from the same wonky metrics the White House does.

You think the White House is beginning to understand that no matter how many times you repeat the news that the economy is good, voters know better?

Six in 10 voters named the economy as the nation’s No.1 problem. Roughly four in 10 said their family’s financial condition has worsened under Obama. About six in 10 said the country is on the wrong track.

I assume yesterday’s defeat is the kind of metric that will finally make it clear to the White House that the economy sucks and people are pissed about it.

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