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A Whiter Shade of Orange

John Boehner and for some reason Joe Paterno via pennstatelive at

Well, that went well didn’t it? I pretty much figured those saying the “likely voter” model was too generous to the GOP were too optimistic and sadly, my intuitive sense was right (a real rarity). Imagine how bad it would be if so many GOP candidates were not so extreme (Harry Reid, Chris Coons and perhaps Lisa Murkowski (did I spell it right?) would like to thank the GOP)?

Although I wonder just how bad it would have been if the White House didn’t do what White Houses always do and pretty much sit around and watch their Party lose, to preserve their precious Cult of the Leader? Changey.

Boehner’s already crying, that’s not good for leather.

Will Alito go to the State of the Union so he can smile and take credit for his Citizens United handiwork?

The worst news of the night for me personally, was in my home state, Iowa. I’m not just a guy with insomnia, I’m actually a practicing attorney. To see all three Supreme Court justices up for retention defeated, because they interpreted the Equal Protection Clause pretty much the only way one can interpret the Equal Protection Clause, is depressing. They were magnanimous in defeat which is more than I’ll be. I intend to impotently moan about it vigorously for a while.

The State will not be posting the returns on lower court judges until later today (Iowa uses “yes” or “no” retention on judges rather than partisan races). I fear a good portion of the State’s district court judges have gotten the axe as well, threatening the “merit-based” judicial appointment process Iowa uses to make appointments.

This is really going to suck.

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