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A Letter to Obama

I was going to entitle this diary “Obama still doesn’t get it.”  Then I realized I was falling into the same trap I keep admonishing others not to fall into.  I know you get it Mr. President.  You just don’t give a damn.  Republican employees for the ruling elite or Democratic employees for the ruling elite, it’s all the same to you.  So when you spoke today about yesterdays election results, it was all Kabuki theater:

In an article at Huffington post entitled “Obama Takes Responsibility for Voter Frustration” the first words the authors print are:

A chastened President Barack Obama signaled a willingness to compromise with Republicans on tax cuts and energy policy.

I’m not quite clear how that’s “taking responsibility” Mr. President.  Taking responsibility would require acknowledging what the voters were frustrated about – your willingness to compromise with Republicans.  Signalling that you’re still more than willing to sell out your base to the enemy is not “taking responsibility”, it’s selling out your base to the enemy.

But what should we expect from a guy who’s top advisor calls us F$% Retards?

But that’s not all you said:

“my goal is to make sure we don’t have a huge spike in taxes for middle class families.” He made no mention of his campaign-long insistence that tax cuts be permitted to expire on upper-income families, a position he said would avoid swelling the deficit but put him in conflict with Republicans.

Gosh golly gee whiz!  Sure wouldn’t want to put yourself in conflict with the Republicans!  Sooo glad you’re “Taking responsibility” for the voters frustrations.  You know, our frustration with you for not putting yourself in conflict with the Republicans.  You know, THAT frustration.

Oh, but you’re not done bending over for the Republicans.  Evidently, you’ve got to spread your cheeks wide like a good boy – cuz that’s all you are to them, you know, a good little N—— boy:

virtually abandoned his legislation – hopelessly stalled in the Senate – featuring economic incentives to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, vehicles and other sources.

Well, it’s not like we lost much there.  Like Obamacare, your energy reform was a bandaid on a gushing artery.  No commitment to solar energy.   Just reduced carbon emissions.  Whooptee fucking doo!  But hey, now that the Repugs are back, let’s dump even that much.

Let’s get to that blames yourself part:

Asked to reflect on the returns, he said, “I feel bad,” adding that many Democrats who went down to defeat had done so knowing they risked their careers to support his agenda of economic stimulus legislation and a landmark health care bill. He blamed himself, in part.

“The relationship that I’ve had with the American people is one that built slowly, peaked at this incredible high, and then during the course of the last two years, as we’ve together gone through some very difficult times, has gotten rockier and tougher,” Obama said.

No duh!  Ya think?  And where’s this “we’ve together” gone through some very difficult times.  YOU and your elite corporate cronies haven’t gone through jack shit buddy.  WE THE PEOPLE are the ones going through the very difficult times, no thanks to you.  That’s WHY your relationship with us has gotten rockier and rockier.  Thanks for taking universal healthcare off the table.  Yeah.  Thanks for championing our causes fella.  And thanks for bailing out Wall St. and leaving Main St. high and dry.  And thanks for not prosecuting Bush.  And thanks for not withdrawing from Iraq.  And thanks for escalating the Afghan war.
You’ve been a real pal, fella.  Hard to imagine why your relationship with us has gotten so rocky.
Hard to imagine why the Dems that stood by your side promoting your agenda got reamed in the elections yesterday, except, of course for the obvious reason – they were promoting YOUR agenda, not OUR agenda.
But of course, you know that already don’t you, Mr. President.
But what’s this pile of heaping spin dung Mr. President?

Criticized at times for appearing detached and aloof, Obama spoke about the challenges he’s faced in engaging the American people from the often insular White House.

“When I’m out of this place, that’s not an issue,” Obama said. “When you’re in this place, it is hard not to seem removed.”

Umm, no.  You don’t seem detached and aloof.  You seem like a complete corporate sellout.  Like a snakeoil salesman that sold us a bill of goods, you spoke about the “Audacity of Hope” then crushed those hopes when you undermined every core issue that was meaningful to your constituents.  Detached and aloof?  No.  Fucking phony sellout, that’s what you are Mr. President.

The president said he was eager to sit down with the leaders of both political parties “and figure out how we can move forward together.”

“It won’t be easy,” he said, noting the two parties differ profoundly in some key areas

Yeah, cuz we’re supposed to believe you’re that fucking stupid, is that it Mr. President?  Give us a break!  We’re not buying that horseshit.  Even the Republicans admit what a stupid notion bipartisanship is

We had a Republican strategist on our show tonight and with incredibly honesty he admitted that the idea of “bipartisanship” is something that only benefits Republicans because they never really engage in it and they get the Democrats to do what they want (you can watch it here at the 6:39-7:48 mark). How stupid do you have to be to keep falling into that trap?

Well, we know you’re not stupid Mr. President.  So you must think you’re being disingenuous.  You must think you’re fooling somebody with this bullshit Mr. President.  Well, you’re not fooling anybody.  You’re a fucking phony sellout Mr. President and the entire nation knows it.  That’s what they were saying yesterday and that’s what they’re going to tell you in 2012.

With his comments, Obama largely followed the lead of Republican leaders who said earlier in the day they were willing to compromise – within limits

If Republicans have some ideas” for cutting costs of health care or making other changes in the bill, he said he would be glad to take a look.

WE have some ideas Mr. President.  But you’re never interested in taking a look at them or in following our lead.  You know who WE are Mr. President.  We’re the ones who got you and the Dems elected.  And we’re the ones who aren’t going to vote for you or your Dem buddies if you don’t turn 180 degrees and become a hardline progressive.  Which, of course, you have no intention of doing.

In the meantime, for the rest of your lame duck presidency, I thought you should know we’re not buying your brand of bullshit anymore.

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