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Midterm Elections Open Thread

Some random midterm musings, in no particular order:

  • I do not want to hear Obama and the Democrats blame their ass-kicking on The Professional Left.  They earned it all by themselves with ineffective policies and tone-deaf messaging.  9.6% unemployment, unpopular pro-corporate “reform” bills, Surge 2.0, throwing immigrants, gays, unions, women, and the Constitution under the bus – they did that, not us.  All we did was refuse to make excuses for them.
  • I will be happy if I never hear the words “jobs”, “taxes”, “failure”, “bailout”, or “Nancy Pelosi” repeated in ominous tones to sinister music ever again.  I reckon I’ve got about a week.
  • It’s nice that the Republicans nominated some unelectable nuts like Christine O’Donnell and Carl Paladino, but those lost GOPportunities pale in comparison to the number of seats the Democrats sacrificed to their own fecklessness.  Would Russ Feingold be fighting for his life in any normal year?  Would Joe Sestak be in trouble against Pat Toomey?  Would anyone take Linda McMahon or Rand Paul or Joe Miller seriously?  Would serial liar Mark “Intelligence Officer Of The Year” Kirk’s campaign still be breathing?  Would the fricking Senate Majority Leader be losing to a crazy woman who thinks Muslims are turning Dearborn into a sharia stronghold?
  • Other than waving goodbye to a bunch of my least favorite Democrats, the only other silver lining I can think of is that this might have been the one year in which Meg Whitman would think it a good idea to spend nine figures of her personal fortune exposing herself as a lying hypocrite who raised her sons to be horrible entitled drunken rapists.
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