KY-Sen, IN-Sen Go To Republicans

Republicans have their first Senate pickup of the night. Dan Coats was called the winner of the Indiana Senate race as soon as the polls closed across the state. Coats, a former Senator, will replace Evan Bayh. He defeated Rep. Brad Ellsworth in a race that was basically never in doubt.

In addition, MSNBC called Rand Paul the winner of the Kentucky Senate race at the top of the hour. Paul was thought to be in a tighter race in Kentucky with Jack Conway, but in recent weeks Conway fell behind, some charge because of the “Aqua Buddha” ad that supposedly attacked Paul’s religion. Regardless, Rand Paul is headed to the Senate.

Somehow, Jim DeMint defeated Alvin Greene in South Carolina. Pat Leahy won in Vermont, too.

MSNBC determines that the GA-Sen race between Johnny Isakson and Michael Thurmond is “too early to call.” I suspect that will wrap up shortly. But it’s a little surprising that Thurmond is hanging in there more than Jack Conway did.

In other news, Republican pollster Frank Luntz said that Harry Reid would eke it out in Nevada.

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David Dayen

David Dayen