House Pickup List (UPDATED)

House seats that have changed party:

Republican to Democrat:

  1. DE-AL: John Carney (D) wins open seat of Mike Castle (R)
  2. LA-02: Cedric Richmond (D) defeats Joseph Cao (R)

Democrat to Republican:

  1. AL-02: Martha Roby defeats Bobby Bright (D)
  2. AZ-01: Gosar (R) defeats Kirkpatrick (D)
  3. AZ-05: Schweikert (R) defeats Mitchell (D)
  4. AR-01 : Rick Crawford (R) wins the open seat of Marion Berry (D)
  5. AR-02: Tim Griffin (R) wins the open seat of Vic Snyder (D)
  6. CO-03: Tipton (R) defeats Salazar (D)
  7. CO-04: Corey Gardner (R) defeats Betsy Markey (D)
  8. DE-AL John Carney (D) defeats Gary Urquhart (R) OPEN
  9. FL-02 Southerland (R) defeats Alan Boyd (D)
  10. FL-08: Daniel Webster (R) defeats Alan Grayson (D)
  11. FL-22: Alan West (R) defeats Ron Klein (D)
  12. FL-24: Sandy Adams (R) defeats Suzanne Kosmas (D)
  13. GA-08: Austin Scott (R) defeats Jim Marshall (D)
  14. IL-11: Kinzinger (R) defeats Halvorsen (D)
  15. IL-14 Randy Hultgrin (R) defeats Bill Foster (D)
  16. IL-17: Schilling (R) defeats Hare (D)
  17. IN-08: Larry Bucshon (R) wins the open seat of Brad Ellsworth (D)
  18. IN-09: Todd Young (R) defeats Baron Hill (D)
  19. KS-03 Kevin Yoder (R) takes open seat of Dennis Moore (D)
  20. LA-03: Jeff Landry (R) wins open seat of Charlie Melancon (D)
  21. MD-01: Andy Harris (R) wins open seat of Frank Kratovil (D)
  22. MI-01 Dan Benishek (R) defeats Gary McDowell (D) OPEN
  23. MI-07: Tim Walberg (R) defeats Mark Schauer (D)
  24. MO-04: Vicky Hartzler (R) defeats Ike Skelton (D)
  25. MS-01: Nunnellee (R) defeats Childers (D)
  26. MS-04: Palazzo (R) defeats Taylor (D)
  27. NC-02: Renee Ellmers (R) defeats Bob Etheridge (D)
  28. ND-AL: Rick Berg (R) defeats Earl Pomeroy (D)
  29. NH-01: Frank Guinta (R) defeats Carol Shea-Porter (D)
  30. NH-02: Charlie Bass (R) wins the open seat of Paul Hodes (D)
  31. NJ-03: Jon Runyan (R) defeats John Adler (D)
  32. NM-02: Pearce (R) defeats Harry Teague (D)
  33. NV-03: Heck (R) defeats Titus (D)
  34. NY-13: Grimm (R) defeats McMahon (D)
  35. NY-19: Hayworth (R) defeats John Hall (D)
  36. NY-20: Gibson (R) defeats Scott Murphy (D)
  37. NY-24: Hanna (R) defeats Arcuri (D)
  38. NY-29: Tom Reed (R) wins the open seat of Eric Massa (D)
  39. OH-01: Steve Chabot (R) defeats Steve Driehaus (D)
  40. OH-6: Johnson (R) defeats Charlie Wilson (D)
  41. OH-15: Steve Stivers defeats Mary Jo Kilroy (D)
  42. OH-16: Renacci (R) defeats Boccieri (D)
  43. OH-18: Robert Gibbs (R) defeats Zack Space (D)
  44. PA-3: Kelly (R) defeats Dahlkemper (D)
  45. PA-7: Meehan (R) wins Joe Sestak’s open seat
  46. PA-08: Michael Fitzpatrick (R) defeats Patrick Murphy (D)
  47. PA-10: Tom Marino (R) defeats Chris Carney (D)
  48. PA-11: Lou Barletta (R) defeats Paul Kanjorski (D)
  49. SC-05: Mick Mulvaney (R) beats John Spratt (D)
  50. SD-AL: Noem (R) defeats Herseth-Sandlin (D)
  51. TN-04: Scott DesJaris (R) defeats Lincoln Davis (D)
  52. TN-06: Diane Black (R) defeats Brett Carter (D) OPEN
  53. TN-08: Stephen Fincher (R) defeats Roy Herron (D)
  54. TX-03: Canseco (R) defeats Rodriguez (D)
  55. TX-17:  Bill Flores (R) defeats Chet Edwards (D)
  56. VA-02: Scott Rigell (R) defeats Glenn Nye (D)
  57. VA-05: Robert Hurt (R) defeats Tom Perriello (D)
  58. VA-09: Morgan Griffin (R) defeats Rick Boucher (D)
  59. WA-03: Jamie Hererra (R) wins Brian Baird’s (D) open seat
  60. WI-07: Sean Duffy (R) defeats Julie Lassa (D) OPEN
  61. WI-08: Reid Ribble (R) defeats Steve Kagen (D)
  62. WV-01: David McKinley (R) defeats Oliverio (D)

Update: AP uncalls it for Bishop (GA)

Update 2: At 3:51 am ET, there is 1 more seat that looks like it will flip to the Democrats — Colleen Hanabusa in HI-01.

There are 8 seats that look like they could potentially flip to the GOP:

  1. ID-01: Minnick 42.4, Labrador 49.9 43% reporting
  2. CA-11: McNerney 46.0, Harmer 48.7 61% reporting
  3. CA-20: Costa 49.7, Vidak 50.3 50% reporting
  4. VA-11: Connlly 49.2, Fimian 49.0 99% reporting
  5. IL-08: Bean 48.2, Walsh 48.5 99% reporting
  6. TX-27: Ortiz 47.1%, Farenthold 47.9%, 100% reporting
  7. WA-02: Larsen 49.6%, Koster 50.4%, 64% reporting
  8. MN-08: Oberstar 47.4, Cravaack 47.6%, 83% reporting

Connelly looks like he could hang on, and Bean is just too close to call.  Sanford Bishop is now listed by the NYT as being ahead 51.4 to Keown’s 48.6 with 100% of the vote in, but they have not called the race.

Total potential swing to the GOP looks to be 67 seats, and possibly less.  Jerome Armstrong called 67 seats this morning.

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