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Republican Woman Stay Away from Me

I seriously think the Youth minority vote is going to vote more than Nate Silver thinks it will.

Check the link the MainStream Media might not be giving airplay to anti GOP or anti War songs however younger voters got U tube American Woman from the Guess Who as a Rap song!

Jesus Malverde from the amazing Latin-Alternative band Maleco Collective, records “Yo Soy La Voz – I Am The Voice”

If you speak Spanish you might like this if you don’t I got the words

Verse 1
We have a dilemma, a problem, the system
No longer works, and when something doesn’t work anymore, you fix it
For every Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Grandfather
Grandmother, My little cousins, my niece
Lia, the day will come when this world will be yours
But I’m not handing it to you in such disarray
There’s, war in the Middle-East, our people dying in vain
With no exit plans, no matter the cost
Hustling gasoline like coke or heroin
Bleeding to death, how many more will be lost

Chorus 1
I Am the Voice
Who will hear me x 3
I Am the Voice x 3

Verse 2
And they want to condemn me for crossing the border
The first to judge were first to immigrate
To the authorities please try and stop
Millions and millions ready to fight
And I know that they have lots of bullets but I have my word
Like abra cadabra so that your mind opens up
Nothing, nothing, nothing stops here
The people fired up controlling every block
And they’re ready without fail
Whoever wants to test go ahead

Chorus 2/Out
I Am the Voice
Who will hear me x 3
I Am the Voice x 3

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