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Dewey Wins – Wake Up And Vote

If you haven’t voted early, make it the first task of your day. Get it done. In spite of all the griping we progressive Democrats have done about not getting our change, we know we’ve done far better in the past 2 years than in the previous 8. We have an EPA and a National Labor Relations Board, 2 institutions that were completely dismantled under King George.

Lots of money has been thrown around in this election, but that phase is over. Now is the time when “Dewey Wins”, or does he?

Think of how many intiiatives the Republicans have blocked with only 40 votes in the Senate. Will they allow the Democrats to do the same when the death knell for Social Security is sounded?

The bell has already tolled, and you will soon pay the toll to the same people who burned you on your mortgage, if the Republicans have their way. They will have their way with you – with the payments you made as deductions from your paycheck. It will go to the people who fund Republican campaigns, which have been funded to record levels to teach you how to shoot yourself in the foot.

It was only a week ago that George W. Bush stated that his one regret was that he was not able to privatize Social Security.

If the Republicans gain a majority, they will have control of the schedule. They have their marching orders, and will march to the tune of oil rigs drilling new holes in the ocean while your life savings are  ripped from  your pocket.

Then George W. Bush will have his final, unsatisfied wish granted:

the workers will be fucked, and fucked for good.

Welcome the apocalypse, or fight for your life right now.

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