So I’m sitting here in St. George Utah which is God’s Waiting Room (and I know this because I’m off to Phoenix tomorrow, which is my personal version of Hell) and I’m checking out this and reading that all about Tuesdays election and how it’s going to be a wipeout/tsunami/blimp-blowing-up-oh-the-humanity moment for the Democrats and then I come across this comment on one of the other blogs where a “progressive” is rubbing their hands with glee because it’s going to be such a beatdown and wouldn’t it be cool if, after he loses on Tuesday, ex-Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold were to make a primary run against Barack Obama? (because being rejected by the voters of your own state is a sign from Jeebus that you’re shooting too low) and all I could think of is: “what the fuck is wrong with these people?”

I thought we all learned during the Vietnam war (it was in all of the papers) that destroying the village in order to save it was kind of a bad idea. Or maybe everyone was too stoned.

But here we go again with the “teaching the Democrats a lesson in the general election, hah, I win”. So, with that in mind, I’m re-blogging the below because friends don”t let friends vote stupid…


Your Mumia sweatshirt won’t get you into heaven anymore

A comment left over at digg regarding Ralph Nader:

The Democrats really hate Nader because he points out the fact that they are asking those of us on the left to vote for them but they aren’t doing anything for us. Did they end funding for the Republican’s crime spree in Iraq? No. Have they moved for UHC? No. Have they tried to stop corporate crimes? No. Have they tried to reform the tax code to be progressive? No. Have they tried to protect homeowners from predatory lenders? No. Have they defended our constitutional rights? No. Take back the FDA from the corporations? No. The FCC? No.

The Democrats don’t deserve my vote. They aren’t helping the left, why should the left help them?

Let me see if I can explain it this way:

Every year in Happy Gumdrop Fairy-Tale Land all of the sprites and elves and woodland creatures gather together to pick the Rainbow Sunshine Queen. Everyone is there: the Lollipop Guild, the Star-Twinkle Toddlers, the Sparkly Unicorns, the Cookie Baking Apple-cheeked Grandmothers, the Fluffy Bunny Bund, the Rumbly-Tumbly Pupperoos, the Snowflake Princesses, the Baby Duckies All-In-A-Row, the Laughing Babies, and the Dykes on Bikes. They have a big picnic with cupcakes and gumdrops and pudding pops, stopping only to cast their votes by throwing Magic Wishing Rocks into the Well of Laughter, Comity, and Good Intentions. Afterward they spend the rest of the night dancing and singing and waving glow sticks until dawn when they tumble sleepy-eyed into beds made of the purest and whitest goose down where they dream of angels and clouds of spun sugar.

You don’t live there.

Grow the fuck up.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....