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An Open Question To The Extreme Right

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Morally bankrupt monsters like Matt Barber, Brian Fischer Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins and Peter LaBarbera, to name even just a handful of these deplorable people, have spent the past month at the absolute height of their reprehensible dishonest tactics. They and those like them, the soldiers fighting the evil homuh-seckshual agenda in God's name, (despite not a one of them actually having the first clue what the Bible actually says, using popularly distorted passages to justify their hate-we-swear-isn't-really-hate-honest-now-stop-picking-on-us), have been desperately bleating out excuse after excuse as to why they think there's no blood on their hands when gay or rumoured to be gay teenagers kill themselves.

These brain-hurtingly offensive and morally bankrupt excuses range from simple dishonest bullshit to utterly deplorable backpeddalling and buck-passing. They've blamed equality activists for it, (these confused kids only killed themselves because T3H G4YZ tried to convince them they were *GASP* normal!), and worse, the kids themselves, (These kids really knew deep down how sick and disgusting they were, so that's why they offed themselves!). ANYTHING to avoid accepting even the possibility that the hateful bigotry they bust their asses to spread at every opportunity could possibly be a big factor in the cause of the homophobic bullying these kids endured.All because they're so entrenched in their delusional hate-fuelled belief that being gay is ungodly, unnatural, and serves no positive function to society, that they refuse to ever allow room for debate in their own minds.

Sorry but no, homosexuality is hardly socially useless. It reduces over-rampant hetero breeding that overpopulates a world that CANNOT sustain so many humans, and provides nurturing parental options for all the abandoned children that irresponsible self-absorbed hetero people give up because they had no interest in being parents but couldn't be assed to use condoms.

(That is not a knock against those who are poor or otherwise unable to keep a child they actually do want and give them up for adoption hoping their child has a better life than they can provide. To THOSE people my heart goes out to.)

What, however, truly DOES have absolutely no constructive value to society is hatred, bigotry, homophobia and lying in the name of God. Because these things cause only harm, leading to people being beaten, crippled nd murdered, or young people driven to suicide, because they're different, and for no other reason BUT that.

So here is an open challenge to those liars and killers on the extreme religious right, who very much DO have blood on their hands. I want all of you, especially the extra slimey ones like Porno Pete and Bamm Bamm Barber, to close your eyes, and imagine the following. If you can find any actual morality in your shriveled evil hearts, try to do so with a completely open mind.

Imagine that you have a teenage son, and that son is gay. He of course hasn't told you so because every day he hears your hurtful abusive dishonest anti-gay preaching and he internalizes it. Your son is miserable and unhappy, not because he's gay, but because you make him feel like there's something wrong with him. You make him feel like he's sick somehow, so he does all he can to bury it, hoping it will go away. He dates girls carelessly, fucking girls at random trying to man himself up, to chase the gay away, but with every girl he beds, inside he dies a little, because deep down it's still his football buddies that he thinks about.

But you just keep preaching that gays are sick and unnatural, and your son hates himself even more. And then one day at school, someone spots him looking at a boy for just a few seconds too long, and the rumours start. And because idiots like you keep teaching kids that gay people are diseased and sick, kids at school, with no proof your son IS gay, but based solely on those new rumours, start taunting him, ostracising him, even beating him up after school calling him faggot. And after that harassment and abuse at school he still has to come home to your garbage, reinforcing his feelings of self-loathing, cementing in his mind that he's a worthless deviant. And no matter how hard he tries to be straight, the gay feelings never go away.

And one day you come home from work and you find your son, dead on your kitchen floor after cutting his wrists open, because he felt so sick and worthless and abused that he finally decided being dead was better than living, that suicide was his best option.

All because of the kind of ignorant hate you and those like you spread.

YOUR son. Not someone else's. Not some poor kid you read about in the news and want to evangelize for your pet bigotry causes. YOURS.

YOUR son. This is very important. Imagine it's YOUR son laying there dead, YOUR son who ended his own life.

Don't deflect the question by insisting you'd never have a gay son, or by claiming that it's only gay activists convincing him he's fine as is that would cause him so much turmoil. We both know that's a cop-out, an excuse bigots use to avoid admitting to the harm they cause. Don't whine your bullshit about how your faith is being persecuted, we both know you don't actually have any. Don't sidestep the question by misquoting the bible or by distorting legitimate studies whose authors have publicly chastised you for distorting their work. It's cheap and cowardly and will only further prove your deplorability.

Just go look in the mirror and ask yourself honestly.

If you had a son and that son killed himself directly because the kind of hate you preach made him feel like death was his best option….. could you really live with that? Would you really tell yourself this was what God wanted? Would you accept any blame at all for your part in making him feel so worthless he had no better choice than to die?

Any of you among the Extreme Right who can answer anything except a plain simple “No” best enjoy your empty hate-filled lives while you can, because whenever your time comes, there's only one place your souls are booked for, and it's going to be awfully hot down there.

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