2010 Senate Races: Last PPP Polls Show GOP Gains

Tomorrow is election day, and PPP has just released a slew of polls on the most important Senate races. PPP found Republicans leading in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Alaska and Kentucky, and Democrats with the lead in California and West Virginia. Colorado, Nevada, and Washington are all likely too close to call.

Lean Republican

Rand Paul (R) 55
Jack Conway (D) 40

Mark Kirk (R) 46
Alexi Giannoulias (D) 42

Pat Toomey (R) 51
Joe Sestak (D) 46


Joe Miller (R) 37
Scott McAdams (D) 30
Lisa Murkowski (Write in) 30

Lean Democrat

West Virginia
Joe Manchin (D) 51
John Raese (R) 46

Barbara Boxer (D) 50
Carly Fiorina (R) 46


Ken Buck (R) 49
Michael Bennet (D) 48

Dino Rossi (R) 50
Patty Murray (D) 48

Sharron Angle (R) 47
Harry Reid (D) 46

If these races break exactly as PPP polling dictates, the Democratic caucus would be reduced to only 51 members. On the other hand, if the three toss-up races each break for the Democrat instead of the Republican, the Dem caucus would be down to 54 members–still a substatial margin by historical measures.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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