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Sunday Late Night: Happy Hallowe’en

So, did you hear about the freshman Senator who came as a progressive for Hallowe’en, made one very nice convention speech, and fooled all the Democrats about being a status-quo corporatist underneath his costume?

Okay, enough JFK bashing for this creepy, spooky night.

What’s your favorite Hallowe’en story?
Embarrassing costume faux pas?
Happy hayride tale?

I’m a bit dismayed, as are my peeps, over the conversion of American Hallowe’en from a fun but frightening kids’ holiday (enjoyed by kid-like adults) that celebrated the creepy and freaky, the zombie and scary, the horrible and haunted — into a holiday that’s all about the Sexy.

Every other costume or get-up in the stores or on the street is Sexy This or Sexy That. Sexy Nurse, I get. Sexy Vampire? Okay, you’re still in the genre.

But — Sexy Schoolteacher? Sexy Lumberjack? Sexy Ballerina? Sexy Snooki? Sexy Meg Whitman?

And that’s just the fourth-graders!

Adults are much worse. They act like tonight is a chance to deck themselves out all naughty, putting their silly ids out on display with societal permission. There are plenty of other days, and nights, to be sexy. Let’s reserve this American holiday for the witches, ghosts, vampires — and zombies, like Misery Bear does in the video above. Okay?

Enter your worst suggestion for Sexy _______________ Costume in the comments. No prizes, just break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar, m’kay?

Here, I’ll get you started: Sexy Joe Lieberman.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge