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Boardwalk Empire Watch Party: Episode Seven

Episode 7, “Home“:

Nucky decides to renovate his childhood home after his father is injured in a fall, but the youthful memories it dredges up are hard to swallow. Meanwhile, a fellow veteran helps Jimmy get even with one of Charlie Sheridan’s henchmen; Lucky Luciano offers to provide financial backing to the D’Alessio brothers; and Van Alden cuts a deal for information about an unsolved murder spree.

And back in our own era of prohibition: will Prop 19 be the beginning of the end for marijuana prohibition, or will the triple whammy of inexperienced campaign crew, greedy elitist wonks and incompetent, union-busting “consultants” send everyone back to the drawing board?   Will this Tuesday usher in a new era of drug policy sanity, or will the crooks keep hyping Reefer Madness for fun and profit?

Join us on Tuesday here at FDL for election night Prop 19 coverage, and in the comments tonight for Boardwalk Empire chat.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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