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A Karpian Analysis of Barack Obama — Reform and the Uses of Misrule

Writing in CounterPunch, Richard Anderson-Connolly asserts that:

In 2008, after a financial seizure that was the inevitable consequence of 40 years of rising inequality, a spectre was haunting America — the spectre of economic reform. Yet by means of skillful misrule Obama and the congressional Democrats managed to avoid direct contact with that most dangerous wraith of redistribution. At long last the November election conjures the magic powerful enough to finally dispel the demon, freeing Democrats to speak boldly of economic reform without the slightest danger of seeing the actual transfer of resources from the plutocrats to the citizenry. Bewildered liberals will soon forget the betrayals by Obama and the 111th Congress and will direct their fear and hatred back toward the Republican beast.

What follows this passage is Anderson-Connolly’s Karpian analysis of Barack Obama’s presidency, one he delivers with clarity and concision. Reading it would be worth the effort.

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