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Steve Cooley: Not Cool on Medical Marijuana, Not Cool for California Attorney General

If you care about marijuana reform, Steve Cooley is one of the most dangerous people you probably haven’t heard of.

Americans for Safe Access, a marijuana patient advocacy group, has recently created a new website,, to get out the vote against Steve Cooley, candidate for California Attorney General.

ASA’s message is clear: “The most important vote on the ballot for medical marijuana is a vote against Steve Cooley for Attorney General.”

Cooley is the three-term district attorney from Los Angeles who has been actively working against medical marijuana and Proposition 19. During his service as district attorney he has overseen raids on dispensaries, and has attempted to criminalize the sale and distribution of medical marijuana. If elected as the California’s top lawyer, it’s conceivable the huge strides made in California for marijuana reform would be set back several years.

As Scott Morgan of put it:

If Prop 19 fails and Cooley is elected, this season’s marijuana reform honeymoon is going to come to a crashing halt in short order. This guy is as nasty a drug warrior as there is, and if he becomes California’s top law enforcement official, it isn’t going to be pretty. offers insight to voters about polices that Cooley opposes; medical marijuana, marriage equality, and environmental protection practices. Along with his polices and why you should not vote for him, the site allows visitors to donate their time or money to efforts opposing Steve Cooley. Equipped with three animated videos, the site clearly sets forth that Cooley is bad news for California.

The race is close, and is likely to stay that way through November 2nd. Cooley’s opponent is San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, who is a continued supporter of medical marijuana and equal rights.

Check out for more information.

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