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NV Sen: Tight Race with Terrible Candidate Becomes Depressing Political Science Experiment

It almost seems like this year, in Nevada, the Republican Party is running a grand political science experiment to see if it is possible to run a candidate so bad that they counteract the overwhelming political determinism of skyrocketing unemployment. Harry Reid has made no major gaffes or been involved in any big scandals, but during his tenure as majority leader, unemployment has state soared from under five percent to over 14 percent, and for this reason alone, Reid should be a political dead man. He only has a glimmer of hope because his opponent, Sharron Angle, is such an unbelievably poor candidate. Watch this closing argument ad from the Reid Campaign:

It is simple, it is brutal, but it is honest. It plainly lays out just the policy case for how extreme and unacceptable Sharron Angle is. It doesn’t even address her many bizarre non-policy statements, her race baiting campaign, or her history of claiming she didn’t say things even when there is a clear record that she did.

If ever there were an election where the alternative was so bad that the unpopular incumbent could turn the race into a choice instead of referendum, it is this election in Nevada. It would be tough to believe a major party could nominate a worse candidate than Angle.

Yet, despite all of Angle’s flaws, she and Reid remain neck-and-neck in the polls. If Angle does win, it is essentially proof that there is no campaign wel-run enough, nor any opponent terrible enough to overcome the political determinism of being an incumbent during a large spike in unemployment. With most economists projecting continued high unemployment, there should be nothing more concerning for President Obama in Tuesday’s results than a Sharron Angle victory.

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine