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Christine O’Donnell Should Apologize to Gawker

The media and right-wing blogosphere are all over the story of an anonymous journalist being seduced five years ago by Christine O’Donnell, who at the time was clearly intoxicated and wearing a rather provocative Halloween costume.

Let’s make one thing clear. I want everybody to be civil. And yes, I want the campaign in Delaware to be about issues, not about people’s personal lives.

But seriously, are we really going to elevate every prank to a political event deserving analysis?

Also, let’s look at the facts. Christine knew exactly what she was doing. At her age (her mid-30s) she had plenty of practice. She’s a professional right-wing activist cougar, who aggressively took advantage of a much younger man.

And let’s not forget: Christine has been accused of numerous ethics complaints, and has a track record of lying. Let’s also keep in mind the convenience of this “story” hitting the media right before the election.

Anyone else smell a rat?

I think it’s obvious that O’Donnell herself planted this piece, in a desperate attempt to salvage her campaign. Conservatives get to fan the flames of the “media is out to get the Tea Party” meme and O’Donnell gets to play the “victim” of a “left-wing smear.”

Christine O’Donnell should apologize to Gawker, to the voters, and to the Boy Scouts of America who’ve unfortunately been dragged into this, for this shameless piece of political theater.

(And yes, this was just as stupid when it was written here, here, here and here, and said by Rand Paul.)

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