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California DMV Employee Tells Trans Woman In Letter She's Made A "Very Evil Decision"

Egads, you have to read this press release from the Transgender Law Center to believe it:

Transgender Law Center Investigating Offensive Letter from DMV Employee

San Francisco – The Transgender Law Center is outraged that a California Department of Thumbnail Link For TLC Press Release, Entitled 'Transgender Law Center Investigating Offensive Letter from DMV Employee'

Motor Vehicles employee sent a letter to the home of a transgender woman calling her “an abomination” and telling her that she is going to hell.

Last week Amber Yust, a transgender woman living in San Francisco, went to the San Francisco Department of Motor Vehicles to change her name on her driver’s license. With her court ordered name change and all of the DMV paperwork in hand, Amber was able to get a new driver’s license in her new name. But her experience with the DMV did not end there.

Unbelievably, on Monday, Amber received a letter from the person who had processed her name change at the DMV. In the letter, which had been mailed to her at home, the DMV employee quoted from the Bible and stated that Amber had made a “very evil decision.” The strongly-worded letter told Amber that she was “an abomination” and said that homosexuals should be put to death.

“I was shocked to receive this letter from the person who processed my paperwork at the DMV,” said Amber. “I would never have expected that a DMV employee could use information from my name change application to reach out and personally attack me. This has been a traumatic experience for me and I want to ensure that nothing like this happens to anyone else.”

The Transgender Law Center is investigating the incident.  

“This was an egregious act committed by a government employee,” said Masen Davis, Executive Director of the Transgender Law Center. “Transgender people deserve to be treated with respect at agencies like the DMV. What happened to Amber is despicable, and we intend to do everything we can to hold the responsible parties accountable and to prevent this from happening again.”

Despicable is the right word for it. Not only trans people, but all people deserve to be treated with respect by government agencies and the people who work at these agencies — including by the people who work at Department of Motor Vehicles in my home state of California.

By the way, connecting the dots between Pam’s earlier post today (entitled Bam Bam Barber’s bottom line: ‘Time to reunite church and state’), the kind of behavior shown by this DMV employee is an example of what government behavior might be if Matt Barber — and many of Matt Barber’s peers with the dominionist, religious right — had their way.

Good reason to vote, eh?

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