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Reasons for lgbt youth suicides

I believe there are various related reasons for the suicides of our LGBT youth…

Bulling is one of the major causes and the bigotry of the fanatical religious right plays a major part in convincing young people it is OK to pick on us. The lack of concern for the rights of LGBT people by teachers, school authorities, and other adults also gives the message it’s OK bully… When I was in school I was told I needed to stick up for myself but if I did anything to defend myself I was the one that got in trouble… Back fifty plus years ago no one came out as transsexual in school but the bullies must have realized I was different anyway. My five other siblings never had  to face the bullies like I did.

Another reason for suicides among LGBT youth from a religious background is the hopelessness that sets in when religious bigots tell them God hates them because they are gay or transgendered. I am one of the at least 50% of transsexuals that have attempted suicide when I was a young person and conflict between who I am and what I perceived God demanded had a big role in the attempt. I faced serious depression all my life and antidepressants could only slightly moderate the problem until I finally accepted who I am and started to transition at the age of 63. Now in my late 60’s I am freer from depression than I ever have been before.  Some in the LGBT community also contribute to the struggles of LGBT youth that come from a religious background… I have seen LGBT people post on blogs and email groups calling for the ban of all religions or particularly signaling out Christian insinuating that you can’t be both Christian and

LGBT. This added to the turmoil caused by the bigots of the religious right puts an unbearable load on our youth…

Bigotry by all people needs to be stopped… Bigotry in the LGBT community is just as harmful as the bigotry of the religious right…

In my advanced years my heart aches when I see bigotry coming from any source… Can you imagine what it does to our younger brothers and sisters?

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