I wrote this back in March.  Are there any psychologists out there who can make some sense of this man?

“What’s wrong with Obama? He seems intelligent, literate and clever by half. Young, successful beyond his dreams (or at least I hope so), and seemingly with the world by the ass. And yet…

He seems to lack empathy. Perhaps he should spend some time actually on a battlefield, looking at the remains of a poor village. Listening to the cries of grieving parents. Smelling the carnage. Maybe even actually having Cindy Sheehan “over for a beer.” A bus tour of the small towns of America. Christ anything that might facilitate a connection at the human level.

He really couldn’t have understood all those painful letters from the sick, dying and care giving and then pushed single-payer and something like a Medicare buy-in off the table. Where was the sense of urgency? I feel your pain, but wait four years?

The guy could have done anything in his first ninety days, including health and financial reform. It was his 911 moment. But now, when things are sort of back to “business as usual” (they aren’t really, but that’s the perception), everything is some sort of compromised battle. Financial reform has to be the no-brainer of the year. Care to guess what it will end up looking like? Why wasn’t it done when the banks were asking for bailouts?

I really don’t get it.”



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