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Hamid Karzai Claims Private Security Contractors Are Helping The Taliban Murder Afghans

Karzai: Contractors get out!

Hamid Karzai is the nominal leader of Afghanistan. He is frequently called the mayor of Kabul since his authority is limited. His brother does have a private army, funded by the CIA. That is just one of many semi-secret private armies in Afghanistan, such as Blackwater (or Xe), DynCorp and other private security contractors. After nearly ten years of war, Hamid Karzai has a plan that could bring peace to Afghanistan. Specifically, he want to shut down private security contractors, the tens of thousands of mercenaries US taxpayers support.

The Anonymous Official Spokesliars say this would end the US and NATO military operations. They claim the US military cannot fight without private contractors. The mercenaries are supposedly necessary for security in general and protection of all the “reconstruction” projects. This frees up more troops for combat. This policy has weakened the military. US military units are no longer self sufficient. The military in previous wars had fed itself, supplied itself, and guarded itself. Now private contractors do all that. The supplies for troops are trucked through Pakistan, except now they are routinely wrecked and burned. But it is only money.

US taxpayers are paying for all this insanity. It is a dirty secret that the neo-cons took the US into wars without a sufficient number of troops. This could be considered reckless or treasonous. Expensive mercenaries are now a permanent part of US Imperialism. These bloodthirsty, paid killers have committed any number of crimes, and have been a major failure militarily and otherwise. No one knows how many there are. Frequently they work in secret and they are above and beyond any laws.

Their failures have helped give us endless war which makes them a success to the Military Establishment and the Dee Cee War Pimps. It is obvious that the military contractors are used for the more unsavory military operations when plausible deniability is required. The CIA even outsourced assassinations to private contractors.

Karzai does have some consideration for taxpayers. He has said that private security contractors are criminals who help terrorists.

“We’ve decided to bring an end to the presence of these security companies who are running a parallel security structure to the Afghan government,” Karzai said, “who are not only causing corruption in this country, but who are looting and stealing from the Afghan people, who are causing a lot of harassment to our civilians, who we don’t know whether they are security companies in daytime and then some of them turn into terroristic groups at nighttime.

“I’m appealing to the US taxpayer not to allow their hard earned money to be wasted on groups that are not only providing lots of inconvenience to the Afghan people but are actually, God knows, in contract with Mafia-like groups and perhaps also funding militants, and insurgents and terrorists with those funds,” he said.

Karzai announced in August that the US and NATO mercenaries had four months to leave. He was not taken seriously by the US neo-con war makers. But Karzai is serious. He is going rogue, and he does not want any more help from the United States. So ungrateful.

“The money starts in the name of the private security companies in the hallways of the U.S. government ,” Mr. Karzai said. “The profits are made and arranged there.” The money then goes to private security firms, he said, adding, “then they send the money to kill people here.”

The accusations followed a stormy meeting he had on Sunday night with the NATO commander, Gen. David H. Petraeus, as well as other senior Afghan and western officials in which Mr. Karzai stormed out, saying that he did not need the West’s help, according to people knowledgeable about the confrontation.

What can a secret neo-con cabal do, when good puppets turn bad and threaten war profits? Usually, that means termination with extreme prejudice. But even worse for the Washington DC War Makers, Karzai is getting more conspiratorial, and accusing contractors of committing terrorist crimes.

“When this money comes Afghanistan, it causes insecurity in Afghan homes and causes the killing of Afghan children and causes explosions and terrorism in Afghanistan,” said Mr. Karzai in the news conference.

His calm tone contrasted with the explosive accusations he leveled at Western interests in Afghanistan and the news media, even going so far as to say that the security companies were interchangeable with the Taliban.

“In fact we don’t know how many of the explosions are the fault of the Taliban and how much by them,” said Mr. Karzai, referring to the security companies.

To teach Karzai a lesson, anonymous officials have revealed Karzai gets bagfuls of cash from Iran. The anti-corruption effort is another bright shining lie, although convenient. After all, what is more corrupt than the Department of Defense and the CIA? The US shipped planeloads of cash to the war zones that were used to win the minds and hearts of our present loyal allies. It does cost us generous taxpayers a million dollars per soldier per year to occupy Afghanistan. Since contractors are even more expensive, it probably costs taxpayers a bagful of cash for every Mercenary.

It is so critically important to win the wars that the Pentagon goes Full Spectrum Censorship against Conspiracy Theories. Karzai is accusing the private contractors of helping the Taliban. Private contractors have been caught bribing the Taliban with US taxpayer money. The contractors are also incompetent and are failing to provide the security they are paid to provide.

A new Senate committee report reveals why U.S. military commanders are so concerned that private security contractors working in Afghanistan may pose a threat to U.S. troops and to the success of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The committee’s inquiry uncovered evidence of private security contractors funneling U.S. taxpayers dollars to Afghan warlords and strongmen linked to murder, kidnapping, bribery and other Taliban and anti-coalition activities. It revealed squandered resources and dangerous failures in contractor performance, including untrained guards, insufficient and unserviceable weapons, unmanned posts and other shortcomings that directly affect the safety of U.S. military personnel.

So Karzai is spreading conspiracies that private contractors are helping the Taliban. Why would he say that? Yes, it is true that private contractors did build a terrorist training camp for the Taliban. But those bad contractors should not be a reason to think all contractors are building terrorist training camps for the Taliban. It was called the European Union Peace Building Programme.

Britain planned to build a Taliban training camp for 2,000 fighters in southern Afghanistan, as part of a top-secret deal to make them swap sides, intelligence sources in Kabul have revealed. The plans were discovered on a memory stick seized by Afghan secret police in December.

This camp was built near Musa Qala, which is home to both Taliban insurgents and lucrative poppy fields. British soldiers had replaced Danish soldiers and the British Soldiers were later replaced by Americans. But in 2008, the British were trying to make their own private army by helping the Taliban.

The camp was due to be built outside Musa Qala, in Helmand. It was part of a package of reconstruction and development incentives designed to win trust and support in the aftermath of the British-led battle to retake the stronghold last year.

But the Afghans feared the British were training a militia with no loyalty to the central government. Intercepted Taliban communications suggested they thought the British were trying to help them, the Afghan official said.

And fortunately, this camp for the Taliban was financed by the British instead of us taxpayers. The British or European Union plans were to supply the former Taliban with high tech including satellite phones.

Afghan government staff also claimed the “EU peace-builders” had handed over mobile phones, laptops and airtime credit to insurgents. They said the memory stick revealed plans to train the Taliban to use secure satellite phones, so they could communicate directly with UK officials.

Recently, Hillary Clinton has promised to give Pakistan billions of dollars more in military aid. Pakistan has always supported the Taliban, against Karzai. We can be sure that US aid to Pakistan will also help the Taliban. That makes it more of a fair fight in Afghanistan. If the Taliban needs some rest and recreation, they recuperate in Pakistan. As Sen. Lindsey Graham has told us, the New Battlefield is here, there and everywhere. However, if the terrorists need a time-out, they have safe havens in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

U.S. officials said the two main branches of the insurgency – the Taliban and the Haqqani network – have been able to withstand the American military onslaught largely because they have access to safe havens in Pakistan.

As usual, Anonymous Officials are just shocked that they had no warning from Karzai kicking out the corrupt contractors. If Karzai carried out this plan…it would endanger not just war profits but the lives of our valuable American officials. This is similar to the terrible consequences of Wikileaks, which put the troops in danger. If we all obeyed without question our brilliant war leaders, the troops would be safe and sound.

Two senior U.S. officials, who asked for anonymity when discussing sensitive information, tell Declassified that embassy officials had been talking for months with Karzai about what his government could do to clean up corruption problems involving such contractors, particularly contractors operating in the south of the country, whose important duties include providing security for official and private supply convoys. But the officials say that Karzai gave no advance notice to the embassy or other U.S. officials that he would attempt to address the problem with the radical step of trying to outlaw such contractors with the stroke of a pen…

If this deadline is enforced, the officials warn, it could cause chaos and put lives of both American officials and nongovernment relief workers in jeopardy.

Actually, Karzai did give advance notice. Almost a year ago, Karzai said he would banish foreign contractors.

During his recent inaugural address, Afghanistan’s embattled president Hamid Karzai dropped a major bombshell. “Within the next two years,” he declared, his administration intends to phase out “operations by all private national and international security firms” and transfer their duties to “Afghan security entities.”

If Karzai does get rid of the mercenaries, it is possible the Anonymous Officials might be proven correct. The Taliban may then be able to defeat an American Army that depends on contractors the way Rush Limbaugh depends on oxycontin. Of course the neo-cons originally supported the anti-Soviet Jihadists that became the Taliban. They also helped Pakistan who created the Taliban, and helped put the Taliban in power. So what would be the difference with the Taliban again controlling an uncontrollable Afghanistan. The Taliban did not assist Usama Bin Laden, at least with the 9-11 attacks. But Pakistan and Saudi Arabia did finance the 9-11 hijackers.

After almost ten years of failure if Afghanistan, our neo-con secret warlords are planning more years of war and failure. They have turned Afghanistan into an unsustainable crusade. The military previously protected US diplomats in dangerous war zones. Now mercenaries have gotten a $10 Billion dollar contract to protect diplomats in the Bushie/Obama war zones. That is ten thousand million dollars to protect our incompetent diplomats. They are not worth it.

So I am going to support Hamid Karzai. Kick the mercenaries out of Afghanistan! If Karzai is successful, I would also think he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, President Obama should return the Nobel Peace Prize he received because Obama is a warmonger who is bankrupting us all with his wars. It should not be forgotten that the neo-cons have created their own army of 800,000 private contractors who wage war against dssenters and other leftists in the Homeland.

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