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Attenion Blenders; I want your advice.

Any of you who've read my diaries who know about my recently dismissed criminal case with Canada Safeway.

Short version; They falsely charged me with shoplifting and confiscated around $80 worth of food I had paid for and had a valid receipt for to cover for loud and public transphobic slurs made against me in their lobby when I threatened to complain. After a year and a half of stress eating away at my already poor health, the case was dismissed outright last week when the Crown decided to drop the charges and not waste the court's time givcen he felt Safeway's case had gaping holes in it, the transphobia was blatant, and the Safeway LPO was caught in several inconsistancies during testimony to the point of being scolded by the judge for being dishonest.

Having been vindicated, I now want to contact Safeway about being at the absolute least reimbursed for the items I paid for. Friends and family think I should also seek compensation, and my conscience tells me I should hold them accountable for their bullshit and demand they agree to sensitivity training for their security staff. 

On one hand, I really feel they need to be held accountable for what they've allowed to happen in their stores. It was one of three seperate incidents of transphobic bullying by security I've experienced at various safeway locations in the past few years.  And I really don't want to just let them off the hook and let others suffer as I have. 

On the other hand, if they resist settlement attempts and force a full-on lawsuit, I don't know if I'm physically up to the added stress of another year of court bs.

I'm waiting to hear back from some lawyers I e-mailed, but I'd like to know what you all would do in my place. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Is it worth further aggravating my declining health to hold Safeway accountable for the blatant and public transphobic bullying on the part of it's LPO staff?

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