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AK-Sen: Teabagger Joe Miller Augering into the Ground

Per the Mudflats, it looks like Alaskan voters aren’t liking the cumulative taste of the tea that unreconstructed nutjob Joe Miller’s been serving up to them (h/t DKos, whose link you might want to use instead of the Mudflats as the Mudflats’ server seems to have blown up under the strain):

Hays Research. 10/26. Likely voters. MoE 4.8%

Write In Candidate [mostly Murkowski] 34
Joe Miller (R) 23
Scott McAdams (D) 29

Scott McAdams has a shot at it, folks. One-quarter of the Murkowski vote comes from Democrats holding their noses for her in order to avoid making the Teahadist Miller their next Senator. Now that Miller’s no longer a threat, these folks can come home to McAdams.

Toss McAdams a few coins, if you feel so moved. This would be a double humiliation to Sarah Palin: Not only did her Chosen One go down in flames, but he’s on the verge of making the seat flip to a Democrat.

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