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This is more of a week for poll-watching and surmising, not really a muscle I’ve oiled this campaign season. So I may not be of as much use to you the next several days. Anyway…

• Republicans supposedly plan budget cuts, but they have shown time and again that they don’t care about the deficit, and the current plans they’re discussing wouldn’t do a thing in terms of the long-term deficit, and with extending the tax cuts would actually raise it.

• In addition to meeting with progressive bloggers, the President joined a meeting with gay rights groups yesterday.

• Credit where credit: Gretchen Morgenson basically called the crisis in the mortgage market, particularly mortgage-backed securities, back in 2007. She has a knack for this.

• Chris Christie made his final decision to throw thousands of construction workers off the job and cancel the Hudson river rail tunnel, one of the worst ideas possible at this time.

• Lindsay Graham is being Lindsay Graham again, but aside from the point that he speaks for himself and nobody else in the caucus, there’s the fact that he defines bipartisanship as getting someone else to agree with him. There’s certainly no mutual compromise here.

• This Electric Vehicle project to build EV infrastructure in 6 cities looks pretty solid to me. It’s another grant program from the stimulus.

• The French retirement age bill will become law. Nicolas Sarkozy had better enjoy the rest of his Presidency, because it ends the moment he signs that bill.

• A little lesson in demand-side stimulus from Karl Smith.

• The typical pose for a Republican is that they simply don’t believe in any structural barriers for people until they experience it first-hand. And even then, they don’t relate that discrimination or inequality to any other discrimination or inequality. It’s purely an ethos of selfishness; I get mine, you’re on your own.

• Part of the auto industry rescue that doesn’t get discussed as much is how the workers who make the cars are barely being paid a living wage these days. $14 bucks an hour for non-union work? These people are grateful to have the jobs, of course, but the stratification of society between the ultra-rich and the poor continues unabated.

• Sharron Angle really looks like she’s pulling ahead and will become the next Senator from Nevada. Are the overt appeals to racism helping? Possibly.

• The Supreme Court is basically a corporate rubber stamp at this point.

• Sheriff Tom Dart was the best chance to take out Rahm Emanuel in the Chicago Mayoral race. He’s declined a run. The field is clearing.

• How quickly they forget: Americans support offshore drilling by a pretty wide margin in a new poll.

• Alan Grayson’s in trouble. He may not be around in the next Congress. But he put out a fundraising email today, with a week to go, for his colleague Ron Klein in Florida. That, more than anything, shows the kind of guy he is.

• Carly Fiorina gets hammered by the Hewlett and Packard families over her run for Senate. That’s going to leave a mark.

• The White House goes after SIGTARP on AIG. I haven’t been following this as much as HAMP, but Barofsky was clearly correct on the latter, so I imagine he’s right about the former, too.

• The Lt. Governor of Louisiana switches to the Republican Party over the drilling moratorium.

• President Obama sent a mailer on behalf of defeating Prop 23, which would cancel out the landmark global warming law, in California.

• The school district that banned the lesbian couple from attending the school prom has to pay the girl’s legal fees. Good.

• Despite US officials despairing of a lack of success against the Taliban, Pakistani officials are declaring victory.

• “Abortion is murder” seems like good talk for a Congresswoman to give to 6 year-olds.

• Update on my obsession with Vernon, CA: prosecutors are seriously talking about disbanding the city. Fascinating story.

• I’m not admitting I used LimeWire to grab songs, but let’s say the option is no longer available. Although, file sharing these days seems to be more about movies and software and such.

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