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Progressives – 2 Years Wasted

This was a reply to a comment in a GOTV diary called Suppose Your Actions Swung the Election. I compare what I saw happening (and not happening), to what could have happened, that would have made a big difference.

Unfortunately, there’s been little organizing of dispirited Dem voters.

One could see, within 4 months of Obama getting elected, lots of bitter postings by disappointed Dem voters. But did you ever see even 1 ad saying “Obama voters: bitterly disappointed?”, or something similar?

I did notice some individual postings on forums saying they’re not going to vote, again, or, at best, urging others to vote Green. This went hand in hand with lots of denunciations of Tea Partiers, but no organizing of a progressive Tea Party. Gee whiz, how’d that work out?

On the plus side, jeffroby has been trying to get lefties to organize (full court press; lately Dump Obama), but he has no budget ($$) to do so. Dump Obama has been met with enthusiasm at FDL, but it’s too early to tell if it will take off and become a solid force for change. Very recently, Rayne posted a series of “angry left” diaries at FDL, culminating in her should-be-famous roadmap diary. This diary gives a good overview of what getting organized, in the sense of activists having their hands on the levers of power, would look like. Unfortunately, no attempt was made by Rayne or FDL to organize for a movement to achieve that level of roadmap organization! Instead, Rayne simply threw out a challenge to all her readers, essentially saying “Well, I plunged in, and you should, too!”

If somebody has time on their hands, it’s be good to see if any of the major lefty blogs has made any official efforts to organize a progressive proto-voting bloc, which minimally needs to publicly declare their intention to remain a coherent entity through multiple election cycles, and vote as a bloc based on their own, internal voting, which occurs before real world voting. I don’t believe any have, though FDL has backed Accountability Now, which is a step in the right direction, but still lacks the bottom up control via a voting feature I’m looking for. Also, honorable mention goes to OpenLeft for front paging some diaries by Nancy Bordier on the Interactive Voter Choice System, which would maximally automate and systematize voting bloc activities.

In short, there’s basically been 2 wasted years. Lots of complaining, dissemination of scandal info, and analysis, but relatively no support and direction for the sort of organizing of progressives that would most challenge the Dems. One would have hoped that blogs with progressive readership would have led the revolution, but they’re not doing so.

Well, going after Social Security was a disaster for Bush. Maybe when Obama attempts the same, it’ll set off a change reaction. (Change reaction – get it?)


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