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John Boehner’s Clear and Bold Vision for Solving America’s Problems

Just what we need: a big picture guy who doesn't sweat the details.

The next Speaker of the House?

Boehner has no such grand plans in mind if he winds up presiding over a Republican majority. He does not fancy himself a grandiose political thinker in the mold of Gingrich or a steely operator like DeLay or Pelosi.

Those close to him say he would probably bring a few big items up for votes fairly quickly. One would be a package of spending cuts based on points outlined in the GOP’s Pledge to America. He is also mulling the timing of a long-shot bill to repeal – or significantly curtail – the Democrats’ health-care law.

Never a details man, Boehner has not specified budget cuts or how much they would save, or what his alternative to the health-care law would look like.

Just awesome.

And he’s also very bipartisan-y.

He let out a long sigh when asked where he would look to work with Obama.

“Only time will tell. I came here to fight for a smaller, less costly and more accountable government, and to the extent that he wants to work with us in terms of where we’re going, I would certainly welcome it,” he said.

Sounds exactly like George W. Bush’s definition of bipartisan, which was basically, “if there are folks who wanna help us achieve our goals, we’ll work with ’em.”

But Obama needs to reach across the aisle!

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