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Attention all Huff Post Readers

Throughout this election season Arianna Huffington has given a lot of blog space to a man named Steve Lombardo.   Some of Mr. Lombardo’s articles include: “The Democratic Surge is Just a Fantasy”  “Democrats facing a 60 – 70 Seat Loss”  “14 Days to Go and the President is Killing Democrats”  and more.

Who is Mr. Lombardo?  He is the CEO of Lombardo Consulting Group.  His clients?  The RNC (that’s right, The Republican National Committee) The US Chamber of Commerce, Romney for President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey, Pfizer, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association, Philip Morris, USA . . .

Whenever I read one of his postings I attempt to alert HP users to this client list, but my postings are rejected.   What is the game here?  I have started a site to alert the unaware at and I could use help spreading the word.

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