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The Death of Hope

Well, it happened. Call me a new realist, a recovering optimist, whatever. But driving to work today, it did happen.

The radio reporter was saying how the Democrat in some judicial race somewhere had done just as thorough a job of raising money from corporate interests as his Republican foe. And where I’d have instinctively inserted this bit of self-talk:

“Well, at least the Democrat will side with the little guy…”

…I instead got nothing.

That self-talk has been as reliable as the North Star for me – in fact, has been my guiding star – since before I could vote. Despite my Independent voting status and dogged dedication to denying my vote to known DINOs throughout my life, the belief that Democrats in general really do give a fuck about the little guy – where Republicans simply do not – had survived.

Until today.

Its absence pulled me up short. Right brain nudged Left: “Hey, what just happened?” 

To which the Left replied: “You finally faced facts, moron.”

What I’m assuming happens next is, rather than ocassionally citing Emma Goldman’s quote now and then to punctuate my growing distrust in our electoral system, I’ll fully accept and begin shouting it from the highest rooftops: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

But not just yet. Vote Left November 2.

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Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel