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Sarah Palin on TLC

I know I should have expected something like this to be the case, what with the huge corporate influx of money and control that’s been polluting the airwaves and the legislature these days (years, decades), but when I saw the commerical for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC, I wanted to pick up the phone and air my grievance vocally; of course, I couldn’t. 

I went to the Discovery Communications Contact page to leave a comment. What I found was plenty of people on the phones waiting to talk to advertisers, and plenty of numbers to reach folks in ethics.  But for veiwers, no number.  Not even an 800 hotline to drop a voicemail.  I forced myself to navigate through a frustrating series of drop down menu choices; it wasn’t until the end of the process that I was finally able to leave a comment.  I doubt it will resonate .  Personally, I find the idea of a Sarah Palin Reality TV show to be a concept so respulsive it almost defies words.  And the execs at TLC deem my POV to be so insignificant I don’t even warrant a number to call.

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