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Right Wing Bloggers Rush to Smear Assault Victim of Rand Paul Supporters

by marrisseay

You know that woman who goaded those brownshirts patriotic, Teabagger supporters of Rand Paul into stomping on her head? She’s an unhinged, left-wing, MoveOn eco-moonbat.

Bitch had it coming.

Gateway Pundolt

Lauren knew exactly what she was doing. She’s had plenty of practice. She’s a professional leftist activist.

Confederate Yankee:

The media and leftist blogosphere are all over the story of a supporter that attempted to approach Rand Paul while wearing an obvious disguise.

Some Random Freeper:

As if this was some innocent woman just walking by.


Tsk Tsk Tsk…… poor girl…. She’s both retarded and has a knot on her head.

Robert McCain:

Wow. The plot of this story just got infinitely more complicated. activist Lauren Valle is accused of criminal trespassing in Louisiana.

How that “complicates” deranged wingnuts holding her down on the ground while kicking her in the head is anyone’s guess.

Stay classy, wingosphere!

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Blue Texan