Richard Cohen: Putting The “Ass” In Harass

Fluffy bunny is a sex machine

Washington Post Imperial Ewok Richard Cohen is quite miffed with backwoods negroes and their attempts at playing the seduction  game:

McEwen’s remembrances are at least two decades old and have no bearing whatsoever on the present-day Clarence Thomas and how he conducts himself on the High Court.

In fact, they have nothing to do with anything — unless it is to prove that nothing about Thomas and his initial accuser, Anita Hill, makes any sense. Her charges fell somewhat short of blatant, coercive, sexual harassment — or, if they didn’t, then why did she follow her abuser, Thomas, from one job to the next? A black, female Yale Law School graduate was not lacking in employment opportunities.

I long ago despaired of getting to the bottom of this case, and I long ago gave up wanting to. I concluded that Thomas as the product of a very small town — the aptly- named Pin Point, Ga. — who was the lone African American in a school full of whites, a racially-isolated kid who lacked the normal interactions and did not learn the requisite social graces. As for Hill, she, too, lacked a certain sophistication or judgment. If she was perplexed by him, he was perplexed by her.

Cohen, who knows how to treat a lady, has a history of, as he might put it, “blaming  the bitches”, like when he tut-tutted Andrea Mackris for not going full metal falafal with Bill O’Reilly:

Let us dispense with the boilerplate denunciation of O’Reilly as an alleged pig and even more boilerplate about him being the all-powerful man and Mackris being the totally powerless woman. All of that could be true. It also seems true, though, that Mackris either skipped classes in common sense when she was at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism or was playing O’Reilly like the proverbial violin.

Whether Mackris was aware of her power is impossible for me to say. But I can say that she never went to Fox’s human resources department to complain about O’Reilly. She never seemed to realize that by not complaining and, more specifically, by going to dinner with him, to his hotel room and then, upon returning to Fox News, accepting assignments and a salary increase not given to others, she was hardly telling O’Reilly that she found his behavior thoroughly repugnant, as she says in her lawsuit. I almost pity O’Reilly. Off camera, he must be a bit slow.

(…) (I)t was a young female television producer who suggested I write about this because, if I may paraphrase, lawsuits such as Mackris’s infantilize women. They portray women totally as victims, without recourse or remedy at their disposal. It insults common sense. It rewrites nature.

I can understand the rage of women subjected to the sort of sewer O’Reilly allegedly opened up on Mackris. If he did it, it is wrong — just plain wrong. But it is also wrong for a woman to be even a bit complicit and then act as if she played no role whatsoever in the oldest game known to mankind. I can appreciate that Mackris was in an awful bear hug. But she screamed for help a bit late in the game.”

Shorter Cohen: She was asking for it. They’re all asking for it.

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