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Early Morning Swim: Matt Taibbi Discusses the “Kochtopus” with Keith Olbermann

Meet the biggest sugar daddies of wingnut welfare.

The Kochs have lavished money on more than 30 other advocacy groups, including the Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute, the George C Marshall Institute, the Reason Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. These bodies have been instrumental in turning politicians away from environmental laws, social spending, taxing the rich and distributing wealth. […]

Most of these bodies call themselves “free-market thinktanks”, but their trick – as (Astro)Turf Wars points out – is to conflate crony capitalism with free enterprise, and free enterprise with personal liberty. Between them they have constructed the philosophy that informs the Tea Party movement: its members mobilise for freedom, unaware that the freedom they demand is freedom for corporations to trample them into the dirt.

It is impressive that they’ve convinced Joe Bob Teabagger that impeding their ability to poison the air his children breathes will somehow lead to the bible being banned.

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