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Curbstomper Assailant Praised by Rand Paul Campaign in Full-Page Ad Today

After being identified by a number of Kentucky websites, the assailant in last night’s “Curbstomping” attack outside a Rand Paul/Jack Conway debate has come out and apologized. Oh wait, no, actually he blamed cameras for forcing his foot to Lauren Valle’s head.

Tim Profitt, a volunteer with the Republican’s U.S. Senate campaign, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the camera angle made the scuffle Monday night appear worse that it was. He criticized police for not stepping in and says other supporters warned authorities about the activist.

Lauren Valle, a 23-year-old with the group, was wrestled to the ground by Paul supporters when she tried to confront the tea party favorite with a fake award. Valle said Tuesday she was sore and swollen.

Apparently the camera angle made him stomp on a prone woman. And her 120-pound frame was clearly a danger to all the white male patriots around her.

The Paul campaign has disassociated with Profitt, who was the campaign’s Bourbon County coordinator. But before they did, in today’s Lexington Herald-Leader, the Paul campaign ran a full-page ad touting Profitt’s support:

Profitt’s name appears at the bottom of the ad.

Despite shrugs to the contrary, Lauren Valle was actually diagnosed with a concussion and a sprained shoulder after the incident. And she’s pressing criminal charges. So Profitt’s “apology” will not fly.

Another of the assailants last night apparently wore a “Don’t Tread on Me” button. He didn’t specifically do the treading on the woman, so I guess it’s OK.

UPDATE: The Lexington County Lexington/Fayette County Police Department will serve Profitt with a criminal summons today.

UPDATE II: The dynamic duo: just jellin’ with a felon.

UPDATE III: Lauren Valle has now told her side of the story to several journalists.

I have been at a bunch of events before, the previous debate, and the Rand Paul campaign knows me and they have expressed their distastes for my work before. What happened last night was that about five minutes before Rand Paul’s car arrived they identified me and my partner, Alex, who was with me. They surrounded me. There was five of them. They motioned to each other and got behind me. My partner Alex heard them say ‘We are here to do crowd control we might have to take someone out.’

When Rand Paul’s car arrived a couple of them stepped in front of me so I stepped off the curb to get around them to get back out front. At that point they started grabbing for me and I ran all the way around the car with them in pursuit. The footage is after I’ve run all the way around the car and I’m in front of the car and that is when they took me down. One or two people twisted my arms behind my back and took me down… It was about two-to-three second after that that another person stomped on my head. And I lay there for 20 seconds or so and my partner Alex came and got me up and that’s the point where there is the media clip of me speaking.

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David Dayen

David Dayen