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Late Night: The Punk Punks Out

There's a sucker born every minute

Fresh off his attempted date rape of a CNN reporter, teabagger sensationalist whore, lamest Don Juan EVAR, and all-around sociopath James O’Keefe (don’t forget the III!) tried to create another shitstorm on Friday when he announced on “the Twitter” that he would be holding a press conference this afternoon in Trenton, NJ. Word leaked out that he was going to release some REALLY DAMNING VIDEO — yes, I believe all caps is necessary — that would finally put an end to the villainous teachers’ unions forever. Everyone waited with bated breath, or at least with one eyebrow raised, for the clock to strike Monday afternoon o’clock to see what nonsense Breitbart’s protege would get up to this time.

The videos were released at some point this past weekend, and by this morning, O’Keefe got what he wanted: his name back in the papers.

The teachers video, also posted on, claims to be hidden audio and camera footage from the New Jersey Education Association’s summer leadership conference at the New Brunswick Hilton.

Steve Baker, a spokesman for the New Jersey Education Association, who is briefly seen twice on the video, said it is not an accurate depiction of what occurred at the conference.

“It’s impossible to know where he got this, where he twisted it from,” Baker said. “There’s a lot of audio, no video, and you don’t know where the audio is from. The whole thing is a complete fabrication, built on lies.”

O’Keefe said that audio was taken from an “Outrageous Olympics” event held in one of the evenings. He said that his volunteers used tape recorders that began to run low on batteries after a half hour, so sometimes only audio was recorded.

In [one] scene, a woman identified as a teacher from Passaic says that “it’s really hard to fire a teacher.” Then she claims, using profane language, that a tenured teacher would need to perform a sex act in a hallway in order to be fired.

The teacher claims that a colleague in Passaic was demoted, but not fired, after uttering a racial slur against a student. The teacher who made the claim, named in the video, could not be reached for comment.

The video did not name the teacher who allegedly uttered the insult.

In other words, a typical James O’Keefe production.

So anyhoo, Monday afternoon rolled around, and there, on the steps of the Capitol building in Trenton, James O’Keefe (don’t forget the III!) was nowhere to be found. There were reporters, camera crew, and six — count ’em, six! — Teabagger supporters who had turned out for the press conference, but no James O’Keefe.

Instead, a gentleman by the name of Daryl Brooks, president of the Greater Trenton Tea Party, stood in as O’Keefe’s proxy for the conference.

Wait, here’s the good part:

[Brooks] said that he believed the O’Keefe videos were valid because “he told me” they were.

He added that he had spoken to O’Keefe earlier today and said another press event would be held in two weeks, but did not say if O’Keefe would attend or what it would be about.

Mr. Brooks also noted that if the tapes did turn out to be doctored, well . . . “we’ll have to deal with them.”

I think this is all the evidence you need to prove that Teabaggers are congenitally gullible and that James O’Keefe (don’t forget the III!) is yet another in an ever-lengthening line of scabrous Republican  con artists. Oh, and by the way, O’Keefe, you’re too late. David Guggenheim has already cornered the market on reviling teachers.

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